April wrap up

April was an interesting month. I read alot of books.

Physical books:1


Arc’s: 8

Overall number: 11

Here is the best books I read for the month of April.

Jar read of the month:

This was a weird read. It had folk tales, crime and horror wrapped in one. It’s so well done. Their were scenes in here that I was generally creeped out reading. And as a horror fan that’s what I love! I didn’t expect the ending but it made sense. It was definitely a weird ending but it did work.


It was an absolute shock to get the email from Ariana Nash saying I had the arc to book 4. So Naturally I devoured it. In this book we follow Kemp and Dom to America where life for latens are even worse then London. And they are there to find Hollywood. They really should have just left this to rot but that’s just my opinion. There was of course heaps of roadblocks, near deaths and action. You also get to watch the boys find themselves in each other. And grow as a couple. Of course with that their are we bumps in the road this series just gets better with each book and each book has been a 5 star read.


I also read a heap of poetry books and of you would like to read about them it’s in this post below. (I’m to lazy to add them on here) Poetry readathon

I also joined the 24 hour Dewey Readathon. And we are going to ignore kingdom of the cursed because that was read on the 1st of May and does not count. Still if you want to see what I read here’s the link Dewey wrap up

I managed to finish my goal of 10k words for camp nano. The goal was to get some words down in my first Draft. And It is a mess let me tell you I worked on any scene that came to mind. Future me is gonna hate putting it together. But I had fun and enjoyed writing it. Which was what I really wanted.

The book of the month

I had a hard fight whether to go with only piece’s by Edd Tello or have Ariana Nash win …again. but I think it’s safe to say it’s truth and dare. It was just a great start to the month. The book still leaves strong fond memories. And that’s what the book of the month is all about.

Overall April was a great month for me creatively and reading wise. And I can’t wait to see what May has in sto

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