Poetry book readathon

I have 3 books and another story that’s in verse to read. And seeing what month it is I figured why not read them now. So for the next 3 days I will be devouring some books.

The poems in this are heartbreakingly honestly and raw.

This book gets straight to the point. Showing you what goes through the mind of someone with a mental illness.

I picked this one up because I have family and friends with bipolar and/or bpd. And reading this did really help understand it better.

I think this should be read by more people. It lets you in. Shows you what’s really going on. The fact she feels she has to hide her illness is just proof of how society deals with mental health. And something needs to change.


First things first I love this cover!

This was full of inspiring poems. About change and hope. It was nice. You could read this as a inspiring poem a day type of thing for sure.

For me personally not many of the poems in this stood out. I like to be moved by poetry. Or atleast feel something.

Still it wasn’t a bad book.


This was a hard book to review because even though it was a very interesting collection of poems. And very easy read for anyone who wants to pick it up. Was nice to see from a different culture and life experiences. It also was written pretty simple at times. I didn’t always ‘feel’ the poems but that probably is the way it’s meant to be. Its definitely worth the read.


Verse stories are always intriguing. I’ve only read a few and I’ve like most of them. This one was no different.

To see him navigate his life as his dad comes home. And meeting Alex. And truly finding himself through his writing.

the style of writing can still tell you everything you need. Like the heartbreaking sadness of being bullied for who he was and the his father finding out. But Edgar stands up for himself and it’s beautiful to watch him grew to be able to say no this is who I am.

I also enjoyed the mix of the different poems throughout the pages breaking it up but still fitting in the story. Because Edgar writes poetry in his journal.

This was just a lovely story.


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