A writer’s holiday part 2

I finally managed to get a place my dog and myself could go to for two nights. I’ve always wanted to go to some cabin/cottage that was secluded and just write. This wasn’t really secluded but it felt like it. It also didn’t have wifi or a tv.

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The Rainbow Challenge/July Wrap up

I decided to do something different for July and create a theme to help me choose between my TBR books. I had heaps of fun doing it and choosing the books to read for each colour. I think I will choose another challenge for August I’m not sure what yet. But below are the books I read for July.

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Campwrimo July complete

It’s been a minute since my last post. Which isn’t something I plan it just happened. And it’s probably done me well. This month I decided to do CampWrimo and set my goal to 5K. The point for the 5k was to get the words I had lost and just have a chilled out month writing. It wasn’t stressful and because of that I feel I wrote more on the days I was writing.

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May wrap up

This month I read quite a few big books. And I also feel I enjoyed what I was reading. Unlike the other few months where at the wrap up I felt like I didn’t enjoy that much. Even though I really did. This month I don’t feel that way at all. I can’t wait to tackle my June TBR.

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The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag!

Firstly this tag was created by Ellyn from Allonsythornraxx.

I wanted to do a book tag post. I quite enjoy them. And this one hit what I want to do more of with this blog and that’s recommend some cool books I’ve enjoyed with all of you.

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If you like Laura Thalassa books then you might like these.

For those of you that have read any of Laura Thalassa books you might come across some other books that have similar feels as hers. And if you like any of these books below and have never read any of her books I highly recommend you do.

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Dewey wrap up

It’s that time again. Dewey 24 hour readathon is one of my favourite readathon’s. The interactions you have with others online and just reading as much as you can in those hours is surprisingly the most fun. This readathon happens three times a year with a reverse one that also happens in August usually.

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Poetry month recommendations.

Its officially national poetry month. And I thought the best way to celebrate is to share some of my favourites. One of the things that has surprised me over the past few years of reading is my love for poetry. Especially the dark and gloomy sort, that just speaks to the heart.

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March wrap up 📚

It’s been a minute since I posted anything. I ended up being a close contact and had to isolate for 7 days and I kinda just didn’t feel like doing anything. But new month and plenty to do. Like campnano and Dewey readathon so it should be a more productive month.

That’s a wrap

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Strong female characters in book recommendations.

Below is a list of some books I’d recommend if you are looking for some strong female protagonist and side characters.

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Do I Have That Other Book Challenge

The long over due second challenge. I think doing tags is a great way to get to know someone. And what they enjoy or have on their shelves. So I enjoy watching people do these on booktube. I’ve seen this one a few years back I think it  was created by Keeping Tabs and Current Chapter  over on YouTube. However I couldn’t find there pages so I’m not sure if they are still around.

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7 Day NetGalley Readathon Wrap up

Day 1

I went for a lovely beach walk before sitting down and diving into the first book.

I unfortunately had to make the decision after months of trying to get into this book to just quit. The start was just to slow and I can’t sit through it. It just wasn’t what I thought it be.

So I went home and had tea leaf and started a new book.

This had a cool idea, writing it all in poems. However as much as it was an alright read. The poems really didn’t flow with each other. Also there were no stand outs. I enjoy poetry books and I love mythology. So I really was hoping this would be a favourite. But alas it would not be. This could have been beautiful. Again it was an alright read over all.


Day 2/3

I just got approved for another book that I have to apparently read in three days so here is the next book for the day.

I feel for all the hype I had seen around this. It’s also the only reason I kept reading. Maybe it will get better. It did not. For me this book was way to slow. It felt like it was that same slow paced story through out. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just not for me. I struggled to read this. I wanted to give up on it too. But I hated the thought that I’d miss out on why people loved it and I didn’t want this blog to be full of DNFs. So I pushed through. The characters where alright. The story itself had some interesting points. But overall it just wasn’t my sort of book and that’s ok.


Day 4/5/6

I started then gave up on this next read. But it wasn’t the books fault. I just don’t mesh with this genre. So if you are a Collin Hoover fan I’d say you’ll love this one.

With this readathon taking a massive nose dive with the books I had to read. I am starting to wonder if I don’t even know my own taste anymore when picking books on NetGalley to get a copy of. So far none have wowed me. None have been any favourites. With three more books to go it’s not looking good. Still on to the next one.

This was another late one to the pile. I had been seeing it popping up everywhere so I thought why not.

I really wasn’t expecting how dystopian this story would be. And as much as it was quite an original story. It just was that type of dystopian that I struggle to read. At first the book was very interesting. Finding out about who Benji was running from and what he was. To meeting the other characters that would be his allies. The characters where good. The whole story idea was very interesting and it’s definitely going to draw people in. Just isn’t a genre I work well with. It’s still nice to read a trans rep book though. And one done well.


I still have two books to get through. But this was a decent effort for me either way. I haven’t got any stand outs. And that’s ok. Still had some interesting reads.

7 day NetGalley Readathon TBR

I have a couple books to read and I seem to be falling behind (but keep requesting more) so I figured I’d spend a week focusing on nothing but my NetGalley TBR. I don’t know if I’ll get to them all or even finish them all. So here the possible TBR for the week

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Saturday spent reading and the out doors

This Saturday was all about relaxing. Going out to the push and finishing a good book. So below is a review of the book before we disappear by Shaun David Hutchinson.

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Some writing tips you see everywhere and how they work or don’t work for me.

When I decided to actually go through with writing my novel. I have been completely spammed with writing advice. And I’m going to be honest here.

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📝The Writer’s Book Tag

Let’s start this with were I found it. Writer booktag.

I’ve been struggling alot with motivation. Especially motivation to write. It’s not writer’s block. Because I’d love to actually write. It’s the desire to actually sit myself down and type away. So I’m trying out this whole thing about giving yourself motivation. One way is to do something “fun” make it enjoyable in some way. And seeing as I need a blog idea why not mix them. Two birds one stone. So here is the writers booktag.

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Hamelin Bay and Augusta day tripping.

I’ve taken myself away to get back to nature. One of my favourite things to do everytime I go away is to go exploring. And this time I ticked some things off my “bucket list”.

If you go in the morning or in the arvo to Hamelin bay you will get a few sting rays that come up to you. Apparently you can feed them but I went in the morning so I didn’t see anything or anyway to get this “food” but just seeing them in the ocean was mind-blowing. They come past you then spot you and will literally turn and come towards you. It’s the cutest thing. And when I found out about this I just had to go see for myself.

The Augusta lighthouse is having works done. But usually you can climb to the top of the lighthouse. So I’ll have to go back for that. Still it was cool to see the Oceania and the southern sea side by side. And slightly different colour. I’ve been needing to take a trip to Augusta for a while. I’m always close by. It’s not a bad town. Not much to do though. But if you come up for the day and see some of their sights it’s worth it. Like the old waterwheel

I personally enjoy seeing stuff like this. But it isn’t for everyone. However the beach is awesome to climb around on all the rocks would highly recommend.

I stopped in flounders bay. But to be completely honest it’s just a small over populated beach. I didn’t enjoy it that much.

All in all it was a nice trip

Day 9- Litha (Summer Solstice)

For the northern hemisphere it is Yule but here in the southern hemisphere it is Litha.

Found on Google images.

It marks the longest day of the year, and is said to be a time of great joy and strength. It is a powerful time when both Mother Nature and the Sun are at their fullest.

Litha symbols to try and incorporate it in your day.

  • Crystals: amber, garnet, obsidian, moonstone, jade, emerald
  • Animals: butterflies, robins, horses, fireflies
  • Colours: green, gold, purple
  • Flowers: honeysuckle, roses, chamomile, lavender
  • Plants: fennel, oak trees, mugwort, St John’s wort

For me I like to

  • Having a chamomile tea with honey
  • Wearing one of the stones for the day
  • Eating a beautiful berry platter with cheese and crackers
  • Burning my lavender candle
  • Placing flowers around the house
  • Making bath bombs and shower steamers using different oils and adding petals
  • And reading a good book

I’m always looking at things to add. And change up every year.

So Blessed Litha 🌻

Day 7-Christmas songs

Today is clean up day (As I work all week) in time for Christmas. I have my Christmas playlist going in the back ground to get in the mood of Xmas too. So I thought I might share some of my favourites.

Its such a boppy catching song I’ve played on repeat many times.

This is the oldest song for me on my playlist. When I first heard it it was at a time I hated Christmas and this just gave me goosebumps.

One of those songs that’s quite relatable.

It wouldn’t be my Christmas playlist without some darker songs.

And below are two classic Christmas covers

What are some of your favourites comment below.

Day 6- My 2022 Goals

I’ve been thinking alot about where I want this blog site to go. What I want to do reading wise next year. And just the idea of starting a new.

It’s been a pretty depressing two years. With everything covid. And my mental health taking some hits.

Deciding to start this blog. I just wanted somewhere to put all my love for books, hikes and witchy things. And it was a good escape. But I’d like to add more.

Like book reviews or hell even show/movies. I want to work on reviews more and get better at writing more interesting reviews. But, I also want to keep them fun.

Trying out different book genres. I want to read some books I would never normally pick up. see if my opinion has changed. As well as doing some more DNF do overs.

Month wrap ups. I got slack on these. But I’d like to so a general overview of the month that was and it not only be about the books I read but whatever else.

To read 100 books again next year.

Go on more walk trails. I feel the best mentally after getting back to nature. And if like to get back to that. There a few walks. Close by that I need to get to.

Write more. I have three WIP in the starting stage. I was think it would help to talk about them more here too.

Day 5- Some Books I’m looking forward to reading next year

These won’t all be new releases. Just like a heads up. There are some books I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now. And I feel like next year is the time. So here’s to knocking down my TBR.

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Day 3- 12 favourite book I’ve read this year

I have, officially, as of today read 109 books. I have two more to get through, but I highly doubt they’ll knock off one of these. This is a new record for me. Four years ago I could only ever reach an end goal of 60. Then last year I some how pulled out a 90. I hope I can keep this high book count next year. Killing my TBR in the process. Netgalley had really helped me push myself that’s for sure.

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Day 2- Using natural things to make Christmas decorations.

So at the end of last month I decided I wanted some natural Christmas decorations. So I went picking around my backyard and found some pretty cool things I thought could work.

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Day 1- 12 days till Christmas tag

First things first. This tag was created by Lizzie loves books.

To start of the 12 days till Christmas blog posts that will be coming your way. I thought this would be the best thing to do. Plus I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated on every front. Joys of the summer heat kicking in.

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Why I decided to stop doing NaNoWrimo this round

This month I had every intention of doing Nano. I usually enjoy how competitive it makes me. It usually pushes me more. And I quite enjoy it. My whole goal was to write and have fun.

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Dewey Readathon spooky special book wrap up

Every October Dewey I try to keep all my books in a spooky theme. From shifters, scary, dark, paranormal. It doesn’t have to be full blown horror to work.

Opening Survey

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?  Australia 🇦🇺
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?  Dark rise by C. S. Pacat
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? My twisties and tea
4) Tell us a little something about yourself! I may be addicted to tea…
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? Ummm. I’ve done a few of these and I have learnt to not force myself to read a slow book,smaller are better. And do sleep. Otherwise you can burn yourself out.

The first book I read

I started this earlier during the day. And managed to finish it by 10pm. It was a pretty decent horror. The start was creepy as hell that’s for sure. Jade was a hard character to like though. It was still a good read and definitely should be picked up. Especially if your a horror movie puff. Jade knows so much about horror movies herself. And it’s cool to see some name drops and all that.


This was a quick read before I went to bed. It was an alright story. Some of the language was a hard adjustment but I get it needed to be there. And the way the characters interacted was believable. It wraps up nicely and for a 153 page book you don’t feel like anything was missing.


Mid Event Survey

1. What are you reading right now? Dark Rise 2. How many books have you read so far? 2 3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon? Dark Rise 4. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those? I’ve been with a few this morning reading during the day is harder 5. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far? Nothing.

This book had alot going on. There are quite a few characters and a couple different POVs. To begin with it was alittle slow, and you are gathering a lot of information. But the more you get through this book the more addictive it gets (well for me anyway). The chemistry between James and Will is perfect and I can see a enemies to lovers kind of storyline. With Will always commenting on how familiar James is. Also naturally being a fan of the bad guys pretty much all the time I love James. The stewards are shifty people that I feel come across to “nice” and “righteous” that I feel they are hiding a lot of dark shit. I cannot wait for the next book that’s for sure. This story has a lot to offer. The magic system is interesting enough. And Pacat has a way of writing villains/broody bad guys that I just can’t help but love. And even though this had that chosen one story trope it’s actually working really well and doesn’t come across as annoying like some books. This book gave me the storyline I have always wanted so for that it’s an easy five star read.



My arc list is growing steadily. I’m currently sitting on 4 from NetGalley. Two aren’t due to read till next year. But why wait. let’s get shit done. So this week I’m focusing attention on 4 arcs and hopefully October is a much better reading month then September. Where I only managed to read three books all the way through and only liked one of them.


A poem collection from a heap of different authors that’s perfect for the spooky season. Some of the poems in here are dark. As a huge horror movie fan I jumped at the chance to read this book. And I wasn’t disappointed. Some of the poems in here where alright but there were a few stand outs for sure. Definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of horror and poems. But it also in not for the faint of heart. Some of these poems are confronting. . Plus that cover ❤️❤️.

I did not realise this was a part of a series. But honestly you don’t have to read the others to get what’s going on. I’m sure reading the others would help though. Still it was a decent enemies to lovers storyline. With werewolf cops. It was alright. I didn’t love this. Which does suck because I’m really getting into shift romances lately. Still all in all it was alright.

While reading this book above I got approved for another Arc. Making the new the tally 5

Firstly I love this cover. Still…I kinda had a feeling that me and this book might not mesh well. And sadly I was right. I ended up giving up on it. I like to give other genres a go. Especially ones I don’t touch very often to be more open minded. Sometimes you succeed other times not so much. Historical fiction like this just never works for me.

I don’t really know what to say about this one. I liked the flow to start with. But after a few chapters I just lost interest. I just couldn’t read this anymore. I know some people will enjoy it but I think I’m to “old” for it haha

I’ve made the decision not to read the book below yet. It’s pretty big and I have time. So it is currently on hold

🎂 The Birthday Book Tag 🎈

I am officially another year older, but not wiser. Here is a lovely booktag I’ve seen everywhere lately.

1 – BIRTHDAY CAKE – a book with a plot that seems cliche but you adore it anyway

Guess I’ll go with the woke up as the chosen one plot. I’ve liked a couple books that have this but the biggest would probably be TMI with Clary.

2 – PARTY GUESTS – your most anticipated book release this year

There definitely have been and are still a couple but this would be one of my biggest ones. I even brought the rainbow crate to get a cool copy. I loved the captive prince series so I’m really looking forward to this book. I just hope my expectation isn’t too high.

3 – BIRTHDAY PRESENTS – a book that surprised you with how much you loved it

I absolutely love books that I can go in think meh it’s not my sort of read then walk out the other end in love with it.

4 – THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG – a book that certainly deserved all the hype it got

There definitely are a couple. Like Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Or songs of Achilles by Madeline Miller. But I’d even throw this one in the mix too.

5 – HAPPY MUSIC – a book with some very beautiful and truly memorable quotes

Literally anything Benjamin Alire Sàenz writes is just full of beautifully tragic quotes that I adore.

6 – GETTING OLDER – a book that you read a long time ago, but you think that you would appreciate it more if you read it as a more mature reader

I actually DNF this book a few years back. And have decided to give it a second chance. So far it’s been way better then I imagined.

7 – SWEET BIRTHDAY MEMORIES – a book that kept you incredibly happy during a sad or demanding period of your life

And it’s not a happy wholesome book. But it’s all I could read at the time. And it helped so much.

The DNF Do Over

Every so often there is a book/series I just can’t get into and I DNF it. But something makes me go back. Whether its a few months later or years. And I end up loving it. For example the six of crows and the raven cycle. I gave up on them both with in like the first few pages. Then months later I was on Pinterest. Ronan and Kaz fanart and memes sounded so good. I made the decision to give it another go. And it was the best decision. So here we are with another series.

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The Fantasy Tropes Book Tag

Here we are with another book tag. I found this one from this blogsite Forbookssake .

The creator Onespeculiar

1 – The Lost Princess – A book/series you lost interest in halfway through.

Literally 5 minutes ago more or less. Paige was so annoying. It just wasn’t a good read.

2 – The Knight in Shining Armour – A hyped book/series you were swept up by.

Even though I found City of bones before I heard all the hype. It is one of the most hyped series I am a massive fan of. So my answer is the whole shadowhunter books. I really want to just reread the whole series but I’m hanging on until the last book of the last hours so I can read them in the timeline. It’s so bad but I really want to haha.

3 – The Wise Old Wizard – An author who amazes you with his/her writing.

There are two authors that I adore the way they write even if I don’t like every book they write. They are Madeline Miller and Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

4 – The Maiden in Distress – An undervalued character you wished had a bigger storyline.

Mmm….mmm….Noah from the raven cycle.

5 – The Magical Sword –  A magical item/ability you wish authors used less.

I’ve been reading a few adult fantasy books like seem to love making people channel relics and it’s kind of becoming the same old thing. But again I keep picking them up and I do really like the stories so 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

6 – The Mindless Villain – A phrase you cannot help but roll your eyes at.

The whole letting out the breath they didn’t know they were holding in. Or when the author doesn’t have to balls to just say sex and what the body parts as they are trying to I don’t know what but make it cringey and in turn ruining the whole moment.

7 – The Untamed Dragon –  A magical creature you wish you had as a pet.

Imma just go big and say dragon.

8 – The Chosen One – A book/series you will always root for.

Shadowhunters. At this point I’ve spent to much of my life and money on this series. I’ll die on the sword for it at this point haha.

Mental Health Book Tag

I’m currently in quite a funk these past few weeks. especially today. My anxiety and depression has been kicking my butt. I’ve achieve absolutely nothing today and this tag is to just get something done. I found this tag after searching for different book tags that has something to do with self-care or mental health and I came across this one by morgan vega.

What’s a book or series that features a strong support system?

I’d 100% say Ari and Dante has the best support system. Their families never shun them and no matter who bad Ari is his parents support him. It’s so refreshing to see parents written in a YA that are supportive and lovely.

What’s a book, series, or genre that you turn to when you need to take care of yourself? What’s something that you do—other than reading—to take care of your mental health?

For me I love to listen to NF and sad music in general. And reread a fast adult fantasy I enjoyed before that doesn’t need much thought to process what’s going on. I like to go for a hike or sit outside with my dog. And burn a sage candle. Just that sort of stuff can help sometimes you know.

What’s a book that features a character that is relatable to your mental health or illness?

I mean Ari’s depression and the way he talks about things is very similar to myself. And the fact his depression can show through as anger. Is another big one. That’s the only character that’s coming to mind to me right now. I know there are others.

What’s a book that depicts a bad representation of a mental difference or mental illness?

I personally didn’t like perks of being a wallflower (the book I loved the movie). I can’t really remember many books about mental health that I would remember did it badly as I would have just DNF it and moved on haha.

What’s a book that depicts a good representation of a mental difference or mental illness?

All for the game by Nora Sakavic. All the characters have some different trauma or illness and it’s so believable. It’s one of the big reasons I love that series so much. And words on a bathroom wall was a refreshing take on schizophrenia. I know a few people who suffer from this and it’s just nice for a YA book to show it. But I have read quite a few books that do hit on mental illness very well.

What’s your favorite book that features mental difference or mental illness?

What’s your least book that features mental difference or mental illness?


What’s a book that takes you to your happy place? When you are dealing with mental health struggles, what is your happy place?

All adult fantasy books. Some examples.

What’s your favorite quote from a book that features mental difference or mental illness? What’s something you want other people to know about mental difference or mental illness?

“All my friends thought I was a very happy human being. Because that’s how I acted- like a really happy human being. But all that pretending made me tired. If I acted the way I felt, then I doubt my friends would have really hung out with me. So the pretending wasn’t all bad. The pretending made me less lonely. But in another was, it made me more lonely because I felt like a fraud. I’ve always felt like a fake human being.”- Last night I sang to the monster

This next one isn’t from a book about mental health or anything but it’s one of my favourite quotes. It’s something I need to listen to more.

“It wasn’t weak to ask for support. It didn’t make me a failure to need someone to lean on occasionally.”
-Imogene Kash, The Prep and the Punk (Boys Only #1)

🚶‍♀️10 ten bush walks 🌲🌳

So far…

Because let’s be real I haven’t gone everywhere and I’ll be going to more places ☺️ but here is a top ten ‘bush’ I’d recommend that I really enjoyed. And are some of my favourite places to go to

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The Spring Has Sprung Book Tag

It’s September, spring time has begun over here In Aus. And it’s my favourite season. All the beautiful wildflowers are out. The weather is all over the place haha. And my birthday is coming up.

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Bookish Questions

http://aminoapps.com/p/0421xc.                        I found this on the link above. I’m currently avoiding life problems. I’m doing it the right way yes?

1. Which book do you think deserves an adaption?

I’m mean there are a few. But, I feel like this series would be alot of fun to watch as a tv show. And its light hearted.

2. What was the last romance you enjoyed and why? What made it it good compared to bad romance?

I’m currently still reading this. But oh.my.god. it has mad beauty and the Beast vibes
And I’m a sucker for enemies to lovers tropes. There nothing I love more then a strong headed protagonist and a douche bag with a dark past and strong story arc love interest. I’m trash for it. If this was like a whiney Protagonist and a strong love interest I’d be bored. If the characters don’t have chemistry they won’t fit. It’s as simple as that. Or if I really find one member of the relationship annoying I have a hard time caring about their relationship.

3. Where does your love of reading come from? Does it come from your family background or is it something you found all on your own?

It comes from the need to escape I guess. And I love to write, so they go hand in hand. I’ve only one member of my family who reads and I don’t have a close relationship with her. So I can’t say she got me into it. I know alot of people will say their English teacher. I sadly had an English teacher tell me I shouldn’t be reading fantasy. But, that I should be reading puberty blues it really put me off of reading all together. She really put me down made me feel like an idiot. I got back into reading after friends pushed me into reading twilight. Then I found TMI on my own and feel down the rabbit hole I’m in now.

4. If you could give an award to a book you read this year, which book would you choose and why? What type of award?

I honestly have no clue.

5. What are some of your favorite literary duos?

I’m either tired or dumb. But I don’t get this question. Is it like the mad hatter and the March hare. Or like two authors writing a book together???

6. Two book characters you hope will get together this year? One of your most anticipated true pairings?

Dom and kemp from twisted pretty things by Ariana nash. They better be end game I swear.

7. What minorities do you want to see become more prevalent in books?

I don’t ever see people in wheel chairs or walking impairments in fantasy. I’d love to see more of that. For example Why isn’t their a protagonist that has Cerebral palsy  who is the “chosen one” to save the world?

8. What is your favorite romance story trope?

Enemies to lovers 100% a sucker for.

9. What authors would you like to see in a slam poetry battle?

Mmm …mmmm …

10. Which character do you relate best to and why? (Or type of character)

I always like Ari from Benjamin’s Aristotle and Dante discover the universe it’s why of thinking. How he speaks about summer being meh and loving storms. I always relate to he thought process. But I always also related to strong female leads that won’t take shit from anyone. Like Blue from the raven cycle.

The Royal Readathon Wrap up

1st to 31st August

Gus Gus – A cheesy book. Hei Hei – A book with comedy in it. Two birds with one stone. (Also knocking off a prompt for another readathon. I finished this in one sitting on the 1st of August

It was a fun quick read. (I say even though I spent all day reading it).                                                      .     I have to admit to I completely forgot what the Queer Principles of Kit Webb was even about. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was about highwaymen and thief’s. It was a joy to watch Kit give into the life he left behind. And even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Percy. I did like their relationship and I didn’t feel like it was forced. The story over all was good.


Olaf-under 300 pages Abu- book with greed.

Unlike book 4 which honestly I don’t know what thar book was even trying to do. This not only fit in the mismatch series. It actually involves the pack from the first 2. I think I liked this one the most. It had the right amount of every. Plus the raw trauma. Because I love tragic story lines apparently. Sucker for pain.


Pegasus- mythology

I was originally going with Ariadne. But I couldn’t get into it no matter how much I tried. So I gave up and swapped it.

This little retelling. Was one of my favourites of all time. I didn’t know all that much on Medusa’s backstory. But oh how it has made me hate two gods now. She had such a misunderstanding tragic back story. She should never have been punished for what happened to her. Girls should hold each other up not drag each other down.


Ray- a death

Rereading this still heart the second time around. It’s worth all its hype. Especially if your a fan of the whole Troy story.


And that’s it for the Readathons this month.

Book vs Book

Another day, another Tag. I don’t usually post this much close together. But, I’m currently away from my day to day life. House sitting and treating it like a great holiday to edit my book. Get as much as I can done. Right now I’m just a tad bored and restless. So here is a fun little post. Get to know some more of my book taste and what not.

Created by Raikidan

1) Short book VS long book

2) Best cover VS worst cover

3) Best female protagonist VS best male protagonist

Damn this is not an easy question at all. Jesus Christ. I’m going to say Neil from foxhole court. Emilia from the Kingdom of the Wicked.

4) Funniest book VS saddest book

5) Book read in your language VS book read in another language

I’ve never read a book that wasn’t in English. I’ve read books that have had people speak different languages but never a whole book.

6) Most loved book VS most hated book
I just want to say that last night I sang to the monster is up there as all time favorites because it has a very high sentimental reasons. It helped me through grief. And as for Heights. I have so much bad memories reading this book. It was one of the few books I forced myself to finish. And now everytime I get asked similar questions like this it’s the first book to come to mind.

7) Fiction VS non-fiction

Is this a book for each? Because it’s to hard haha. Is it what’s better? Depends on who’s biography your reading. Or the nonfiction story being one of interest. Then I think it can definitely stand up with some of the best fiction.

8) Most surprising VS most disappointing

I don’t read crime. Like you chuck a FBI agent as the Protagonist I won’t touch it. I took a leap of faith on Tal’s book and it’s been one of my favourite reads this year. As for the nature of the witches. I really thought I would love this book. But then I got the arc and I couldn’t care less about it.

9) Favourite during childhood VS favourite now
The BFG vs treasure Island I guess

10) Most loved character VS most hated character
Andrew Minyard all for the game <Callie bargainer series.

11) OTP VS NOTP (= the couple you consider perfect and the one that you find totally wrong or absurd).

Oh man. I have to many ships. Like seriously. But I wouldn’t say this ships was like “wrong” or “Absurd” but as a shadowhunters fan I hated Julian and Emma. So naturally I hated their whole relationship. Sorry.

The Blogger Tag

This isn’t something I usually put on here. But I thought it might be good to share something’s about me and what not. I found this here ↘️↙️ https://stephsworld.com/the-blogger-tag/.       

Question 1: How tall are you?

I actually have no idea haha. I am over 5.3 I’m pretty sure. But again I can’t for the life of me actually remember it isn’t something that I have been ask all that often.

Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

I like to embroid and write. I don’t think I’m all that good at writing as much anymore. Got some horrid reviews for my Last book. But it hasn’t stopped me from chasing this dream. Going to publish the sequel this year. I’m not expecting much from it. But I just want to finish it. Then I’m going to do a whole brand new thing. Take some of what was said and use it. I didn’t mean to blabber on haha.

Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

I’m to new at this to have any. Like I literally can’t even think of what one would be. Now in everything else I have plenty of pet peeves. We won’t get into those.

Question 4: What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?

Well…let me just think. What would be my biggest pet peeve?

It’s gotta be out of

  • People who take ten years to turn a corner when driving. Just turn!! I shouldn’t have to come to a stop!
  • People who give you filthy looks for having a tattoo. It’s an orca people chill out.
  • Chalk. Just chalk. Is that a pet peeve? It s now.

Question 5: What’s your favourite song?

It’s literally not that easy. Wtf. I’m going to just go with the newest. (I’m someone who’s always for headphones in blast every genre of music)

Question 6: What’s your favourite social media website?

Mmm Goodreads.

Question 7: What’s your favourite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

Hiking, crafting, reading, writing.

Question 8: What’s your favourite junk food?

Question 9: Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

I have 2 Noora (dog) and Anya (cat)

Question 10: What are your number one favourite nonfiction and fiction books?

There are to many fiction. I just can’t. I’ll be here all day.

Question 11: What’s your favourite beauty product or tool?

I love eye mask. And lip gloss.

Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

I honestly have no clue.

Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tea. Tea all day of the week.

Question 14: What’s your favourite movie?

It’s Stepbrothers and Warrior.

Question 15: What was your favourite lesson in school and why?

I just liked hanging out with my friends. I can’t say I loved one subject or anything over another. I wasn’t the biggest fan.

Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Either a small town not far from me which I love (Dwellingup) or Norway.

Question 17: PC or Mac?


Question 19: Favourite celebrity?

Question 24: Are you in education or do you work?

I work in childcare. And have for 10 years now.

 Question 25: One thing you are proud of?

That I walked up bluff knoll. Even though I struggled. I still made it to the top and would do it all over again.

Top Ten Retellings

The top ten retellings I have read so far.

If there is one thing I love the most it’s a good retelling of a much loved story. Down below is my personal top ten. If you have some recommendations please do comment and let me know.


Apparently this is a swamp thing retelling.

This comic was so good. It made me hell protective of Alec. Who I think was bullied by everyone including his brother. And made to be this weirdo. When really he was unique and so smart. That ending though 😔


Beauty and the Beast retelling meets Irish mythology.

A beautiful Romance. About a fae prince named Eamonn. Who is stabbed on battle and crystals grow from the wound. He is banished by his family. And a strong headed girl named Sorcha. Who makes a deal with the fae to cure the plague killing her town and family. The characters are loveable. The plot is done perfectly. It’s just a really great read.


The Little Mermaid retelling

This isn’t pitched as a little mermaid retelling. But let me tell you that that’s all I saw. It even had a sea witch at the end ffs. And the ending of this really pulled out the chickflic fan in me. The romance isn’t even the main focus to this story. It just organically happens.


The Four Horsemen/Bible Retelling

There are four books to this (death is coming soon) and each book focuses on one horsemen. It’s an adult series, and of course each horsemen falls in love with a girl (usually one that tried to kill them. I don’t even know how to express how much I love this series. And that you should read it. Just go read it.


Grease Retelling

Literally I saw it was a Grease retelling and that it was LGBT and I was like yes. This book is funny, cute, frustrating, sad, funny. It honestly a joy to read. Even though it has got a death in it (that you see coming) and it is very heartbreaking.


Greek mythology retelling

So I only new the very basic about Medusa. This story opened my eyes so much so that I hate Poseidon and Athena. This story is written in Medusa POV. Its a reflection story. So she is telling you about her life before and during what happened. Even though she is now in the underworld. And my god. It’s not a very big book but it hits where it needs too.


Anastasia retelling

I have always been a massive fan of this story. Even as a kid when some one would be like “who’s your favourite Disney Princess” I’d be like none of them are better then Anastasia. So I jumped on this book. It was a great spin on the story itself. It is a bit slow which I know some people hated, but I enjoyed it. I think she wrote Anastasia right.


Peter Pan retelling

I hated this movie as a kid. But I have come to love a good Peter Pan retelling. I do love one that shows Peter in a darker light. This one though I just felt like it could have fitted so well. Making Wendy be Peter Pan 😍😍😍 the romance between Peter Pan and Hook. It’s all just worked.



This story been told in his wife’s view gives you some extra insight and lets you see who she was. And its very interesting. Plus I really enjoyed how well and right she got all the important details with Frankenstein. You could tell she was a fan of the book. Frankenstein is one of my favourite books, movie, monster. So I had pretty high expectations and this met them.


Troy/Iliad retelling

I new to much about the Troy war, and Achilles. So reading this I did know where it was going. Still, Madeline Miller managed to make me cry even though I was prepared for the death, and the writing style was beautiful. I see this book getting alot of hype over the past couple of years. And it deserves it. If you haven’t read it go do so. This book has stayed with me since I finished it.

The Merlin Readathon wrap up

1st to 15th of August

I finished the first prompt on the first day. A Book with green on the cover.

It was a fun quick read. (I say even though I spent all day reading it). I have to admit to I completely forgot what the Queer Principles of Kit Webb was even about. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was about highwaymen and thief’s. It was a joy to watch Kit give into the life he left behind. And even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Percy. I did like their relationship and I didn’t feel like it was forced. The story over all was good.


#2 A book with a Map

This book was one that got better with time. It was a good book to begin with don’t get me wrong. But it did drag on here and there. It was awesome to see her story though. And written in a way that made her look strong. Definitely worth the read.


#3 A book with an emotional punch

Rereading a fave is always so much fun. Until you get to the scenes you know are gonna rip your heart out…again. I still loved this book. And honestly if you are thinking of reading this “series” read this one before Axios. Both books are the same story, but in the view of the other boy. And this one has way more in it. It’s still a 5 star 🌟 read for me.

#4 last book prompt change up.

The last prompt: Read a scary book was originally survive the night. But I couldn’t get into the narrative. So I ditch it. And went for the other prompt

The five star predictions. And have decided to read my Ari and Dante arc.

“I love the rain more than anything.”
“I know. I want to be the rain.”
“You are the rain, Dante.”

God damn Benjamin! You made me cry… again. I was expecting big things from this book, and like always he delivers.
I loved watching Ari struggle with his mind and grow into th beautiful human being. He deserves to be happy! And sweet Dante. How you showed your more dramatic side and I loved it. (Bare feet is were it’s at). More friendships are made along the way and it’s beautiful to see.


I finished this readathon early 10th of August. I’ve had fun and would probably do this one again. I love doing Readathons with prompts.

Dewey reverse readathon

8am Saturday to 8am Sunday

Today I started Dewey at 9:45 am. The whole goal and plan today is to take this readathon easy, mix self-care and reading. I want to finish one book and hopefully start another. Making the Merlin Readathon finish early. So the first book today is a reread of a book I really enjoyed.

I had a pretty big break in reading to day to go on a hike. It was insane to see how high the water has gotten since all the serve storms we have been having over here.

I then decided it would be a great time to just go get a Piercing. I’ve been thinking about getting a Daith Piercing for about two weeks now. They are meant to be good for headaches and depression. And at this point I’m willing to give anything a go. However it’s really messed up my vertigo. So I’m feeling pretty ill right about now.

I got home and back to the book around 3 pm and managed to be finished with it around 8pm.

I still loved this book, the story is nicely paced. And the characters are all well rounded. But damn that ending is never easy. I originally rated it 5 stars and that’s staying.

I have started my last book for the Merlin Readathon and an Arc I have been dying to get my hands on. For the prompt 5star predictions. Because I love pretty much all of Benjamin’s books. His style of writing is like music.

Best books I read in July.

It’s hit that time again. I had a decent month of reading. Got out of my comfort zone and was pleasantly surprised. Found a new. Favourite book. Finished a beloved series and found a nice book of poetry. Next month I’m going to be participating in two Readathons. The Merlin Readathon and The Royal Readathon. Definitely looking forward to August.

I reread the first two books of this series leading up to them reading this one. I adore the Will Darling series. Watching Will and Kim navigate through their love life and their insane lives. This last book gives you a really good insight into who Kim’s Family is like. How his up bringing was. His father and brother are absolute dicks!! It was definitely more domesticated between Will And Kim in this one. You got to see them just be together and their for each other it was so cute. I want more though. Like why was it a three book series? It was a great wrap up to a great series though.


I got this book through VoraciousReadersOnly. And honestly it’s gotta be one of the weirdest books I’ve read for a while. The way it was set out was interesting. With Reddit comments and Twitter feeds in between each cooking episode. It is about a chick making a meal on camera using a piece of a rich person she killed. She goes into detail on who this person was (they are always assholes). Ands each episode with eat the rich. It starts like a movement when people realise these people are missing. It was so odd. But definitely worth the read.


I picked this up because I’m a massive horror fan and I’ve read my best friends exorcism (which I loved). This book was quite enjoyable the more you read it. See at first I was a little bored. However, by the end I was hooked. I will admit I was swerved on who the killer was for a bit. But damn! Also I really loved how he incorporated actually horror movies in this book. As a massive horror movie fan I really had fun reading this.


So this book popped up on my Goodreads feed. And although it wasn’t my normal read. As I find crime books with FBI/Cop protagonist books boring. I still found the premises interesting. So I decided to take a chance. And holy shit am I glad I did. I LOVED it. This has to be one of my favourite reads this year. The relationship between Noah and Cole seemed so real. And they fit nicely. I enjoyed the crime element. And pretty much everything about this. I had a hard time putting this down.


This is the sequel to the Noah And Cole series. And man is it darker then the first. The killer in this one freaked me out. Even worse you get his POVs (which I gotta praise the Author on doing that wouldn’t have been easy to do). Poor Cole. I felt so bad for him through out this book. The killer has this obsession with the man. And well Cole is a sweet heart. I found this alittle drawn out at times it’s the only reason it’s not for the 5 star rating. But it’s so good.


“To feel nature On my skin Is like coming home And being complete again Since we share Not only atoms But our whole galaxy” A beautiful book of poems. I enjoy dark, depressing Poems and she delivered on that. And had some really sweet happy ones too.


Coming home

As a kid, I spent alot of time camping as t Dwellingup. And everytime I get back there I feel like it’s a home coming.

It’s nice to get out there after months of being out in the city life. To have a dip in the freezing cold to make you feel alive. The fresh air clearing your brain and refreshing yourself.

The water is alot higher then normal after all the rain which was awesome to see. And all the updates they have made along the way. They closed off the stairs on one side of the island pools and opened a new entrance.

There was basically no one out there. Which was even better. Nice and quiet. With all the wildlife saying hello.

Last minute 24 hour Readathon

It’s 10am on a cold wet Saturday. So what better way to spend it then to devour a few books. I’m going to write this as it happens. Enjoy 😊

The first book of the readathon is a book I’ve already been reading I’m currently 33% in and enjoying it so far.

I finished reading this book at 1:08 pm. I actually managed to sit outside in the sun that decided to make an appearance.          

This book was quite enjoyable the more you read it. See at first I was a little bored. However, by the end I was hooked. I will admit I was swerved on who the killer was for a bit. But damn! Also I really loved how he incorporated actually horror movies in this book. As a massive horror movie fan I really had fun reading this.              


Book #2 comes from the NetGalley and is a graphic novel I literally just got approved for like seconds ago.

Started at 1:37 pm. This was a slow paced comic. And can I just say he had a pretty sad life. If your a fan of he’s I’d definitely say pick this up. It gives you a pretty good idea on his up bringing and career.


Book #3 is out of my comfort zone. I don’t usually pick up books in this genre but it was recommended to me by a good friend so I figured why not give it a go. I decided to read it today as it fits the theme I have seemed to have stuck with so far.

Started around 7 pm.

I got like 40% in last night. I was actually surprised how good this was. I didn’t even want to put it down in the end but sleep won out. For a book I’d never normally pick up I’m so glad I did. Cole and Noah are written perfectly. And they feel real. The investigation isn’t too complicated. I’m really enjoying how it’s all blending together and the pace of it.

My 24 hours is technically up but I’ll probably finish reading this book through out the day.

Flash Fire Review

First of all I wanted to just state that I received a early copy of this from NetGalley for an honest review.


This is the sequel to Extraordinaries by TJ Klune. If for some reason you haven’t read the first one then I suggest walking away from this review as their will be spoilers for the first one. In this one Nick is officially in a relationship with superhero and best friend Seth.

There are also new heroes arriving in Nova City. It’s up to Nick and his friends to determine who is friend and who is foe. I just gotta say there is a drag queen superhero 😍.

“Maul?” Nick said, outraged. “I didn’t maul anyone. It was a loving kiss that I placed . . . upon myself because I . . . deserved it?”

Flash fire is just as funny and a joy to read as the first book. 100%
There were so many times I found myself laughing out loud. (Nick is so adorably dumb sometimes)
Nick’s dad is honestly the best! The way he can make a scene so awkward that you can’t help but burst out laughing and feeling the embarrassment for Nick. The shit he puts Nick through (in a good way) screams parenting done right 😉 

Watching Nick and Seth be all awkward with each other is adorable and everything you could ask for. Their relationship and everything thing that goes with expections of being in a relationship is well paced and thought out. They felt real.

You get more Gibby and Jazz which was definitely nice to see. And how all four worked together (friendship goals)

You get to see more extraordinaries  showing up and what they can do.
And find out more about Nick’s backstory which I loved. And needed more of!

There are more twist and turns in this one then the first and the ending!!!I need the next book like yesterday.

Now to the spoilers. This is just a me thing I’m a 100% sure. It took too long for Nick to realise he had powers even though as a reader you knew for sure he did at the end of the first. Bitch I caught it and you then made me think I was crazy! I literally had to put the book down at one point. As I wanted to shake Nick.

I just needed to air that haha.

The pacing though was spot on. In everything. This book didn’t rush a thing and it worked. I am dying for the third book.

“Superhero team-up” Nick breathed. “It’s like this is a sequel! Oh my god. Yes. Yes.”

Top Ten Classics

In this blog I’ll be telling you my top ten classic reads. Some of these are short stories. Some are full novels.                                                    . These are my top ten classic reads (so far)        and let’s just say I have a love hate relationship with classic stories. Some I absolutely loath while others a quite enjoyed. Feel free to let me know what are some of your favourites.


First off this is ten because even though I didn’t hate this. I didn’t love it either. I enjoyed the concept and the way it is written. I thought it would be harder to read. However, I’ll admit this is long drawn and can be boring at times. I really just felt like it should be on this list. And when I think of all the classics I have read (or tried to) this one still holds fond memories.


Normally with this sort of book genre I can’t sit through the book. I have DNFD a few or forced myself through them. This one however I really enjoyed. It wasn’t all Romance. It has depth to it. I liked that it was darker then most. And I like Jane as a protagonist.


So this is surprisingly a really decent read. It’s well written. Easy to understand and honestly I would have liked to see what he would have done to a full blown novel. It’s definitely must read. It’s even more fun to read when you know the history behind this story.


Also known as the story that inspired Dracula. For the longest time I thought Dracula was the first like vampire story. Oh how I was wrong. And this story I felt was better then Dracula. Just saying. It was more eerie. And never made me skim words. I really would like to reread this one. So want a good vampire story. Read this one.


Unlike lord of the rings. This one isn’t as hard to read. As in its not as long. Probably more humour in it to. I am, however bias. I love Bilbo and hate Frodo. So naturally U prefered this one. Its an awesome fantasy that still stands up today.


This one is not something I’d pick up usually. However I loved the movie so damn much. And this book was just as good. It is one of those stories I could read a hundred times and it will never get old. It’s also one of the saddest books on here. It’s also one of those simple storylines, and it really didn’t need to be anything else.


This was the first story I ever read by H.P Lovecraft. And still to this day it is my favourite. It was simple. Creepy. And made you feel like it was you in the cave. It also showed me how a simple short story can be just as impactful as a long one.


So if you have read Frankenstein and you liked it. I can’t stress how much you need to check out Mary’s other short stories. And you should start with this one. It is so good. Like no words can even explain it. It shows you a life of someone who becomes immortal and it is perfect!


When people talk about classics this one or Dracula or a Jane Austen story gets brought up. For me. The hype around Frankenstein is well deserved. I mean not only was this written by a female but it’s one of the coolest concepts. It’s safe to say for me. Mary Shelley had become not only one of my favourite writers but an inspiration to write.


To anyone who knows me. Will not at all be surprised that this is number 1. For the longest time it was actually Frankenstein. But my love for this damn story has taken over. And I don’t really like a lot of his other works. This is a story for the pirate fans. And its full of adventure. God it’s just so much fun to read.

Thanks for reading ☺️

June wrap up 2021

This year I decided I would no longer talk about the books I didn’t enjoy (especially in monthly wrap ups) that way I can promote the books I love and spend the energy on them. So below is the best books I read in the month of June.

I don’t know why I put this book off for so long. Maybe I new the rollercoaster ride I was about to take. Because damn. All seven stories are breathtaking and gut punching. It was so sad. Damn you Benjamin.
This author is one of my favourites. I love how he writes its like calming music, even if it’s full of alot of heartbreak and grief. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Man when I put this book down I was so mad at Ronan and Adam hahaha. I won’t say much about this book as to not ruin it for anyone. But it was a great read. Ronan is always fun to read. The way all the characters are intertwining is really cool. There where times in this book I could have slapped the sense into my boys. But what can you do.

I didn’t know anything about this book. All I saw was it was like gentleman’s guide and pirates of the Caribbean. I didn’t know it had little mermaid vibes too. And man I loved it. Watching their love blossom and the tragic deal our merman had to make ugh it was just so awesome. I loved the rollercoaster. The more time I’ve had to think about this book after reading it the more I love it.

This is another merman book, but unlike the one above the main relationship to me felt like friends and not lovers. This also has a trans rep which I thought was pretty cool. And the way the mermaids speech is written was a smart way to do it. Overall it was a nice simple read. I was given a free copy from NetGalley for an honest review. 🌟🌟🌟/5

I enjoy a good Peter Pan story, yet I’m not a fan of the Peter Pan story. This story is the tragic backstory of poor James Hook. And Peter is evil as all hell in this. I think personally that this story would fit the Hook origins. I don’t think Peter Pan is this innocent creature. I loved how Brianna wrote this and I hope one day it could be a movie. Maybe Disney should go alittle darker and put this out. 🌟🌟🌟/5

“I am so like my Mama Bear. And we laughed. I’m sure we laughed. Did one of us know even then how April —that cruelest month— would follow, and that I would stand in her closet after, bury my face in the scarf she wore when we hugged goodbye—”

In this book of poems you follow a mother’s grief after losing her daughter to suicide. As someone who has lost a friend to suicide this book of poems really hit me in the feels. You can feel her pain through each poem inside. Literally brought tears to my eyes. I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.

My top 10 favourite book covers on my shelf.

When I started this blog. I always had the idea in mind to go through my top ten. Whether it’s top 10 places to hike, top 10 classics to read. Etc. Each month going forward I want to dedicate a blog to a top 10. So to start this off I thought I’d go with something simple and do the top 10 favourite book covers that I own. (In physical form and not kindle. As I’m going to do one for kindle sometime too.)


I love how simple this cover is. I think it fits it perfectly and didn’t need an overbearing cover.


I really adore the colour choices for this story. And the cover reflects just how cute this story is.


It was a great decision to make this look like a VHS from the 80s. It’s a 100% why I picked it up in the first place.


This cover is so pleasing on the eye I could stare at it forever. I had the original cover, but when this showed up in a book box I feel in love with it immediately.


It looks like a beautiful painting. ❤️❤️❤️


This stunning book (and model) is just a great contrasts. The gold really stands out making as if you could grab it right out of the cover.


This book right here was a complete cover but. And the story inside is just as beautiful.


I have always thought this cover would make a beautiful tattoo. I love it so much.


This has been a long time favourite. Doesn’t Chtulhu just look so majestic right there?


Ok I’m a 100% bias because these movies are a childhood Fave. So how could I not think this was the prettiest book of them all? It’s has so many great memories wrapped up with it.

Thank you for checking out my blog and dealing with my rambles. Until next time.

Favourite witchy books I’ve read so far 🧙‍♀️

I am a solitary Green witch. (Baby witch) so I’ve relied on what I can find on the internet, books and myself. There are so many wonderful books to find and check out if you are just starting out. Or maybe want some more ideas. Here are the books I think are the stand outs (so far) that I’ve read. If you have some more to add please comment below. I’m always down to check out a new witchy book.

In The Green Witch, you will learn the way of the green witch, from how to use herbs, plants, and flowers to make potions and oils for everyday healing as well as how crystals, gems, stones, and even twigs can help you find balance within. You’ll discover how to find harmony in Earth’s great elements and connect your soul to every living creature. This guide also contains directions for herbal blends and potions, ritual suggestions, recipes for sacred foods, and information on how to listen to and commune with nature. Embrace the world of the green witch and discover what the power of nature has in store for you.”

This is the book that started it all. I was shopping and came across this beautiful thing and knew I had to have it. This book is a great introduction into what The Green Witch is all about. And even has some cool recipes in the back. It opened my eyes to what witchcraft was actually all about. It was also insane to me how much I had in common with the beliefs system and just the connection. I knew from the moment I started reading it that I was going down this road.

The Mystical Handbook series from Wellfleet takes you on a magical journey through the wonderful world of spellcraft and spellcasting. Explore a new practice with each volume and learn how to incorporate spells, rituals, blessings, and cleansings into your daily routine. These portable companions feature beautiful foil-detail covers and color-saturated interiors on a premium paper blend.”

I recently came across this one down my local shopping centre. And not only is this book pretty (and honestly the drawings in side are beautiful) it is simple to use and read. Which is prefect. I’ve come across a few books that are to much of an information dump that I skimp and get bored. This isn’t it. It gives you the basic run down on what each plant/herb stands for and how to use them.

In The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs, learn everything you need to use the most powerful herbs and use them as an essential part of your practice. Including information on which herbs are best for what kinds of spells, how to use herbs in divination and rituals, and step-by-step guides to making herbal bundles, potions, and sprays, this guidebook has all the important facts to make your herbal witchcraft a success.

Jam-packed with herbal ideas, this guide is perfect for both beginners and experienced witches looking to incorporate more herbs into their practice. Beautiful and functional, it is easy to navigate and offers a detailed guide to herbal magic!”

Speaking of Herb books. This one is like a master list of all them. I don’t think it’s as pretty as our friend above. But it’s still a cool book to own.

“Self-care and magic work together in this guide to help you become the best version of yourself. You’ll learn how to nourish your body and spirit with herbal remedies, spells, and rituals inspired by witchcraft in this unique, enchanted guide to self-care.

This book is great for self care ideas. You don’t have to be into witchcraft to use this. And it was something I was really looking for. I’m always down to try new self-care tricks. As someone who suffers from chronic pain and depression. It is helpful to keep yourself at peace. It does go through the basic things like eat and sleep well etc but it also has some nice DIY things too.

In Witchcraft Therapy, you will learn how to use the mystical powers of intention, mindful manifestation, divination, and righteous indignation to cope with whatever life throws your way. Author and witchy wellness guru Mandi Em offers advice in her own unique brand of positivity providing spells, rituals, and more that you can do right at home.”

First of all I love the way this is written there is no BS here. I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile. And this really helped. And honestly if your going to pick up any witchy (self help) book let it be this one.
It had a lot in it that you can use (and tweak to fit your needs and beliefs).
It’s easy and actually fun to read (which is always a plus) it didn’t feel like I was being told what to do. Or that there is only one right way.
I read this through out the morning and spent alot if time highlighting some of her tips.

I was pretty lost on how I was planning on making a grimoire. But this book gets to the point. It shows you ideas, and even has some cool looking page options. She even tells you about all the types, what you can write about pretty much all the basic stuff. Which is prefect for a baby witch. I didn’t end up following everything in here but I took her advice and ran with it. This was also one of the books I was really looking forward to getting my hands on.

The Path of the Witchdescribes the many different types of witches, their gifts and abilities, and their practices. Each path shows readers activities and rituals that they can use to discover and explore that type of witchcraft and discern which one is the fit for them.”

This book is great for finding which path you may want to follow. Or be labelled. It gets to the point of each type of witch. And has heaps of beautiful illustrations inside. It’s easy and fun to read and definitely worth a look if you are a beginner.

As someone who went into this knowing absolutely nothing about Chakra it really helped. It gave all the right information. And was easy to understand and want to understand. I felt like when I finished reading it I had a better understanding on what it is and what it does.

Thank you for reading. Hope you find more books to check out on this list. As time goes on I will be devouring more on this topic so maybe later on I can do this again with new books.

The Mid-Year-Freakout Tag

This tag was originally created by Chami

I literally can’t believe it’s June already. We are already 6 months in to this crazy year. I’ve decided to have some fun and do this mid year tag as a way to see how I’m doing. And it’s a great way to recap the year so far.

Best book you’ve read so far in 2021

There have been quite a few good books this year that I’ve come across. These three are currently at the top of the list.

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2021

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to
I’m going with the one I recently got but have started reading just yet. Even though I’m dying to.

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year
Oh there are a few for sure.

Biggest disappointment
I have grown to hate wasting time talking about the books I haven’t liked on social media and what not. I don’t feel like I should promote books I didn’t enjoy over books I loved. But still there are always books I just give up on. I’m not against DNFing books. I don’t think there is enough time in the world to struggle through a book.

I searched high and low for a copy of this book. I read her other stuff and enjoyed it. However this one was so boring. And I didn’t feel for either character or their romance. And ending up rating it 🌟/5

Biggest surprise
I stumbled on this series then devoured it in one weekend. So I’m going to go with these guys.

Favourite new author (debut or new to you)

I’ll go with Ariana Nash, I’ve only read the series above but I have every intention of reading her other books.

Newest favourite character
Keeping with the answers above I’m going with Alkeim. I didn’t care for this dragon until I got to the black prince book. Then I wanted to hide him behind me and fight anybody who would harm him.

Book that made you cry
I can’t recall any books that made me cry so far this year.

Book that made you happy

The most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I don’t have a set plan, I just go with it. So I have no pressure to read something by the end of the year.

Favourite book to movie adaptation you’ve seen this year?

That will have to go to the Shadow and Bones tv series.

Bear Boy Review

Bear Boy by Justin Baker & Jane Goodall

Out 22 of June 2021

Justin is a typical teenager, dodging school bullies and waging an endless war with his parents. But when he discovers Ursula and Brutus-two sibling black bears being kept in horrific conditions at a nearby zoo-his life begins to change. He finds a cause that ignites his passion and an animal sanctuary willing to take the bears. But there’s a catch: he’ll have to cover the quarter-million-dollar cost.

Undaunted, Justin takes his seemingly insurmountable quest to an international audience, gaining media attention and support from celebrities. With television cameras rolling, Justin fights to free the bears, and it turns out himself.

I loved this book so damn much!

It’s a topic I’m passionate about myself.
Every so often a new book is released that everyone should read and I feel this book is one of those.

Bear Boy such a beautiful (true) story about someone (Justin in this case) fighting for animals rights.
Because not everything in life is sunshine’s and lollipops. There is a lot of darkness and heart ache in our faces if we would just open our eyes and notice what some of our actions are doing to our more vulnerable. And what we can do to help. It also shows you how to identify when there is a problem.
For this and what this story means I’m so glad this has been written. It will open so many more eyes to the world around us. And the importance of standing up for what you believe in. And standing up for the voiceless.
A book like this is needed and a must read. I’m so glad it’s YA.

Thank you NetGalley for letting me get my hands on this book.  And thank you Justin Baker for sending me Psychical copy.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 star rating.

Another book I’d recommend of you enjoy this one is orca rescue by Donna Sandstorm which comes out on the 5th of October 2021

It is all about Orcas and the true story of how they rescued a little orphan orca named Stringer. It is illustrated and great for kids and adults alike.

Do I Have That Book Challenge part 1

Do I Have That Book Challenge part 1 
I thought the best way to get to know my taste in books and a great opener for this site would be to do this challenge. i may end up doing the other two I have seen floating around. I’m not sure who started this challenge. I do know its been around for a few years now. so I’ll Apologise for not tagging them this time round and promise to work harder on the next ones. without further a do lets start.

1. Do you have a book with deckled edges?

I am a major sucker for deckled edges. I own three books now with them. And would love to have more. I know a lot of people dislike them. But I just feel it can really transform a book. I also think they fit the weirder and darker books the most.

2. Do you have a book with three or more people on the cover?

I didn’t realise how hard that was just about to be. But here is my favourite Classic. I own like three different copies of it. Not that I need them haha.

3. Do you have a book based on another fictional story?

Oh how I adore this book so much 😍🥰 Its a perfect retelling of Frankenstein in the eyes of his wife. And I couldn’t praise Kiersten more for how right she got this.

4. Do you have a book with a title 10 letters long?

This book has got to be my favourite horror story period. I’ve read a few now and this one still stands out as being the only one to actually freak me out. Lee mountford is the man. If you love horror check him out.

5. Do you have a book with a title that starts and ends with the same letter?

Is that cheating?? This is currently my favourite series. Andriel is OTP.

6. Do you have a mass market paperback book?

I hate!! Mass paperbacks. Yet I own two. One was gifted. And this one. Which drives me crazy because the rest of the series isn’t in this edition (thank god) but I can’t seem to get the other edition in wolfsong.

7. Do you have a book written by an author using a pen name?

8. Do you have a book with a character’s name in the title?

9. Do you have a book with two maps in it?

I loved this more then the Lord of the rings. I feel like that needed to be said. For no reason at all. This copy has two maps. One at the start one at the end and both different.

10. Do you have a book that was turned into a TV show?

11. Do you have a book written by someone who was originally famous for something else? i.e. celebrity, athlete, politician, TV personality, etc.

I’m a huge wrestling geek. And have been since I was a child. It hasn’t gone away. This is such a great read though. And I feel that even none wrestling fans would enjoy it.

12. Do you have a book with a clock on the cover?

I’m just going to straight up say no. Nothing is coming to mind.

13. Do you have a poetry book?

This is the complete works of Percy Shelley.

14. Do you have a book with an award stamp on it?

This book took me down the Benjamin rabbit hole and I’ve loved every second of it.

15. Do you have a book written by an author with the same initials as you?

Eh…nope doesn’t look as though.

16. Do you have a book of short stories?

17. Do you have a book that is between 500 and 510 pages long?

Coming in at 507. The only ‘romantic’ classic I loved.

18. Do you have a book that was turned into a movie?

And one of my favourite movies. This is one of those the book and movie where fantastic !

19. Do you have a graphic novel?

20. Do you have a book written by two or more authors?

I was very surprised with how good this book was. I’m not a massive sci-Fi book fan but this one was beautiful.

Thank you for checking this out and reading it. Hope you liked it.