Dewey wrap up

It’s that time again. Dewey 24 hour readathon is one of my favourite readathon’s. The interactions you have with others online and just reading as much as you can in those hours is surprisingly the most fun. This readathon happens three times a year with a reverse one that also happens in August usually.


I went for three books. One I have been needing to read in forever Kingdom of the Cursed. A signed poetry book by my boy Misha Collins (massive SPN fan here) and the new mismatched book I just found out was out.

Below is how it went ☺️

Book 1 8pm-8:40

This was a quick read, but that’s poetry books for you and why I wanted to read this first.

Misha is always quite a loving postive person. So to read some of the poems of him crying in bed for no reason and what not was heartbreaking. Alot of these poems are also about his wife and their love for one another is something many can only wish to have. These poems are mostly postive and nice to read. This is also not really my sort of poetry but it’s still a great read and I’m glad I got to pick it up.


Book 2 9pm-1am

I went with an ebook next because I’ve come to find ebooks are way more easier to read at night.

This wasn’t as good as the last book lost & bound. But then nothing could ever beat that book in the mismatched series. This was still a great read though. It was fast paced and perfect to read for a 24 hour readathon. The relationship and the way they cared for each other was beautiful and cute. Drew had his alpha wolf powers heightened when he was kidnapped and tested on. And Ash was made to stop feeling or tasting a thing. When Calder (from the last book) broke them all out and they went on their separate ways. Drew did anything and everything to make sure Ash was safe. And in that they fell for each other. It was a great follow on from the series and it was good to see my boys again when they crossed paths once more.


After a nice needed sleep I spent all of sunday reading and listening to the next book. 9:30am-5:25pm

I don’t know why I took so long to pick it up. When. The first book came out it was my favourite read of the year. And honestly this book may achieve that title too. It was perfect. This series is perfect. I dare say her best work. This series just gets better. And hits that high bar the first book gave me. I love the banter Wrath and Em have, their chemistry is off the charts. I love the story, the plot. I love this series. I can’t wait to get my hands on the third book even if I hate the cover.


There is still time left in Dewey, but I think I’m just going to end it here seeing as I hit the three books I planned.

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