Writing holiday part 1

I’ve taken some time off work to focus on myself. A mental health holiday with the idea of writing and reading away.

I started this off with the Dewey readathon and managed to finish one book and start another. I finished the second book the next day. And that’s really set the tone of the next two weeks.

So I’m knocking off something’s I’ve wanted to do as a writer, like write at a cafe, and booked a cabin away. Next weekend I’m finally going to do it. I always wanted to add some nature back in my life. And started with a very cold and windy beach walk.

Went to a cafe this morning and got some writing done. Mainly planning my next few chapters. But it was still nice to sit down and enjoy the piece and quiet.

There’s nothing like chilling outside to write outside and enjoy the flowers that are popping up everywhere. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going.

Published by ascrazyasahare

I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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