The Rainbow Challenge/July Wrap up

I decided to do something different for July and create a theme to help me choose between my TBR books. I had heaps of fun doing it and choosing the books to read for each colour. I think I will choose another challenge for August I’m not sure what yet. But below are the books I read for July.

Physical books: 3

Ebooks: 5

Audio: 0

Arc’s: 2

Overall: 8

The Rainbow Challenge

I put this on storygraph for me but made it love for anyone to join. With the simple rules on choosing a book for each colour.

The Blue and Green

I finished rereading the Captive prince series by C.S.Pacat. if you have read this series it’s worth checking out. It’s a slow burn love story. It doesn’t take centre stage in this either. It’s more about finding family in a way and helping both boys get back what’s theirs. It hits on some subjects that may trigger others. Laurent and Damen are great characters with great chemistry. It is an enemies to lovers trope too (which I’m a sucker for) however the last two books are more friends and lovers.


I read this for the Dewey readathon. And finished it the day after. I have a love hate with vampire romances these days. But Ariana Nash has proven she can write about anything and I’ll love it. This story follows a cop who ends up coming face to face with an old enemy. And then ends up in the world of vampires. A brotherhood of Vamps whose soul mission is to rid the world of bad vampires. Zane is a vampire from the brotherhood and he falls in love with Eric (the cop). I can’t express how good this book is. .5/5


I’m not going to waste time talking about this book because I unfortunately didn’t like it. I only finished it for the challenge. Otherwise I would have given up on it.


This is the book of the month. I didn’t expect the story I got from this cover. It was so good! And so original. I couldn’t even compare this to another. It had one of the sweetest love stories in this as well as an awesome overall plot. I’m so glad I got this book in a blind book. Because I probably never would have picked it up. It’s worth picking up that’s for sure. You follow Charm who’s like a madam. And she’s on the hunt to find out who killed the king and to crown a new one. And then you have Pain. She has the cutest romance story with a soldier named Oram. And that doesn’t even cover the story in this book.



Blue and Red make purple. That’s how I’m justifying this pick. I joined book sirens this month. And this is the book I picked up. This is a true Viking /North mythology book. The author knew what she was talking about. Nothing felt forced. You have an enemies to lovers story with the two main characters Vali and Alisa. I enjoy this book overall. And I appreciate it for the fact it gave me what it said it was. I still think this could have been better but it’s a good read. So keep a look out for this one.



I reread this fairy book. It’s an M/M romance between a fairy and a human. Robin is like a cop in the fairy realm and right now he’s on the hunt to find out who killed Finn’s twin brother Luke. Finn is also on the hunt to find out what happened to his brother. Robin and Finn end up falling for each othe along the way.


There are two povs In this which gives you insight on what’s going on in their heads. Which is always a blessing when it comes to books like this.

Julien- a movie star with issues. I also found his chapters boring at the start.I have no idea why but every time I just wanted to get back to Eli’s.

Eli- a werewolf that runs a sanctuary for rebel wolves.  He is a flirt and joker. He is fun to read from. He also has the power to shift any part of him he wishes which other wolves cannot do.

Their relationship – I adored their relationship. The banter was perfect.

The story- to be honest I didn’t care that much for the story. I did want to know who sweet pea was and I just loved Eli enough to not put this book down.
By the end of this book I wanted more.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.


For the month of August I have decided to do a seasons Challenge. The plan is to read a book that represents each season.

What was your favourite read in the month of July?

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