The Women’s History Book Tag!

Wanting to continue with the women’s history month theme for March I thought what better way then a book tag. This book tag was created by Weirdzeal.

Disclaimer:  these are real people, and none of them are perfect. I’m including them because of their contribution to history, not because they were 100% virtuous or good.

Wren is the most I do what I feel like type of female protagonist I’ve come across. No only does she pretend to be her twin sister after her sister was chosen. But she is a mass thorn in the side of the frost King and it’s beautiful.

I mean Audrey goes to a school and studies on bodies. As well as cracking cases. How more intelligent do you want. She also isn’t a damsel in distress (mind you I’m still on book two so who knows if that changes by the fourth book I hope not..)

Anyone who knows me, knows I am super jealous of the way Madeline Miller writers. She just had a way with words that so beautiful and grabs you never letting go. I unfortunately didn’t enjoy Circe but that was more the character. Because the writing in that book made me want to keep pushing through.

I mean Inej the quiet assassin. She will literally kick anyone’s ass ninja style. One of the few females I’ve read that honestly I’d look up to if she were real.

I don’t read many if any space books and I probably should change that. And I am working on it so this is the only book that have read and enjoyed that is set in space. As they travel from one planet to the next. And it’s awesome. Plus there is a kick as female in it named franny

This book is literally never talked about. And the only reason I found it was because I stumbled on it at my local bookstore a few years ago. The art in this is beautiful. The story is so different. It’s a must read. A story about love, loss and revenge. With a girl that has no name that lives in a forest who falls in love. It’s written in the different seasons following her journey through her life. A real folktale story.

This is a trans story. About Cecily who lost her soul mate Caroline. But she still has the clockwork heart that once beat in her loves chest.  when a cowboy she barely knows is fatally injured, the only way to save him is by sacrificing an essential piece of the resurrection spell. Austin chant has some of the best stories with the trans rep and seeing as this is about Cecily I thought it was only right to choose this one for the tag.

This book is worth all the hype it got. Hell even the movie was done to perfectly. Starr stood up for her rights and what she believes in. It hits on some hard truths too. And shows light to something a lot of people probably don’t want to see but it’s the real world.

Without her I wouldn’t have a story I love in the monster from Frankenstein. Without her I feel like I wouldn’t be so inspired to put pen to paper.

Alot of books have inspired me for all different reasons. If it’s to get up off the ground or to chase a dream. This one taught me to build women up stop pulling others down. Its what’s inspired me to not talk heaps about books I hate/didn’t enjoy and spend more time spreading love and energy on book I did.

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