Some of my female authors

It is woman history month for March. So to celebrate I’m going to be posting a couple post promoting awesome females.

Today I wanna talk about some of my favourite female writers. And recommend some great books by them to you.

Mary Shelley

Mary was a woman before her time. She was from England and wrote one of the most famous gothic science fiction (it’s even considered one of the pioneers of Science Fiction) stories Frankenstein.

Now I could recommend her most famous book Frankenstein. However I think get short stories Transformation and Mortal Immortal are to fantastic stories that deserve some love and respect. Trust me when I say you need to give them a read.

Angie Thomas

An American Author who wrote one of the most impactful stories that should be read by everyone. It’s also the book I’ll recommend by her and that is The Hate You Give.

Madeline Miller

an American Author who I’m really jealous of. Her writing style is like a beautiful song playing and I wish I could write like her. Her most famous book is Songs Of Achilles. Which I definitely recommend reading. But I also would say read Galatea. It’s a lovely short story about the statute that was very creative.

Noor Unnahar

A Pakistan writer. My favourite poet. I love her poems. And if recommend the book she is holding in her hands Yesterday I was the moon.

Laura Thalassa

An American writer who writers some awesome female characters minus one (personally Calli is a sook) and the four horsemen series is perfect in every way.

I asked one of my friends who loves to read who are some of her favourite female Authors. Both of them I have never read a book from but would love try them out.

Anne Bishop

An American writer. And she recommends the Black Jewels series.

Leah Giarratano

She is also a clinical psychologist as well as a writer. And the book to read Vodka Doesn’t Freeze

Who are some of your favourite female writers?

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