Do I Have That Other Book Challenge

The long over due second challenge. I think doing tags is a great way to get to know someone. And what they enjoy or have on their shelves. So I enjoy watching people do these on booktube. I’ve seen this one a few years back I think it  was created by Keeping Tabs and Current Chapter  over on YouTube. However I couldn’t find there pages so I’m not sure if they are still around.

1: Do you have a book with a fox on the cover or part of the plot?

2: Do you have a book that was published the year you were born, or within a 3 year radius?

No for some reason I don’t and I’ve only just realised.  I need more 90s books that’s for sure.

3: Do you have a book with music as a weapon or magic?

4: Do you have a series with mismatched covers?

My dumbass didn’t realise I had placed city and ashes the wrong way until I just looked at it. 🤦‍♀️

5: Do you have a book with a shapeshifter?

I have a few but I’ll with this gem 💎

6: Do you have a book signed by the author?

I’m going to gloat and say I have a few. But I still can’t believe I’m actually holding a book by one of my favourite writers and it’s signed! 

7: Do you have a book with a mostly red cover?

The first copy I brought of this book. (I have three and I have to stop myself from buying more).

8: Do you have a book between 287-306 pages?

At 289 I give you the book that sent me down the rabbit hole of adult romance.

9: Do you have a book with a main character who wears glasses?

I can’t remember if any of them do I’m sure there is someone.

10: Do you have a book with a title that has the same number of letters as your first name?

Because finding 6 was just near on impossible I decided to cheat and use my blog name and you wouldn’t think 14 would be a hard number but damn.

11: Do you have a book with cybercrime/technology?


12: Do you have a book written in another language or translated to English?

13: Do you have a book written by an Asian author?

No I don’t think that I do. Or its staring at my face.

14: Do you have a book with a moon on the cover?

15: Do you have an illustrated children’s book?

16: Do you have a collection of fairy tales or myths?

17: Do you have a sci-fi/fantasy with an alliance between races?

18: Do you have a book with a narrow front cover? (A paperback with a front cover that is slightly trimmed shorter/narrower than the rest of the book)

Not any more. I unhauled one a year or two ago

19: Do you have a book that includes the first chapter of the sequel?

I have a few on my Kindle but I can’t seem to find any in my psychical books but I feel like there is a few.

20: Do you have a book with a broken spine?


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