Strong female characters in book recommendations.

Below is a list of some books I’d recommend if you are looking for some strong female protagonist and side characters.

If your anything like me whiny female protagonist are the absolute worst. So hopefully this list will give you some new books to read. Maybe some of these you have thought about picking up but never have. Enjoy adding to your TBR.

Each book has a female that falls in love with the horsemen on the cover. And in each book the boys meet their match. It’s an enemies to lovers book series, which always starts with the girl trying to kill the said horsemen. They are usually taken and they fight along the way till eventually the girls change the Horsemen. For example deaths true love couldn’t be killed. And war had a hell of a time trying to “break” his. Miriam was my favourite of them all. I really enjoyed the back and fourth between her and war. But that’s not to say any of the other three weren’t good. Each brings an element at breaking their horsemen.

Known for the males. This story also has three badass females that will kick your ass. And one who would and could kill you. I feel like they need to be mentioned in this list because as much as this is about Neil and Andrew, these girls stand their own 100%. Renee is the quiet killers, Dan is the coach of the misfit team and Allison may be rich but she’ll still beat you up. Every character on the fox team have bad backgrounds and are all strong headed and layered. It’s something I really praise Nora for doing. Everyone feels important no matter their roll.

This book had strong Laura Thalassa vibes so if you are a fan of hers do get on this one. Wren is the opposite to her sister. She goes out hunting, has a massive scar on her face and is a very independent girl. Were her sister is a lot more quiet and does as she’s told. The frost King comes and chooses her sister as his next bride but of course Wren won’t have it and takes her place with out him knowing. This is another enemies to lovers. And she is like a thorn in his side. She just doesn’t listen and does what she’s wants. However, her and the Frost King are misunderstood.

Emilia is looking for revenge on the person who killed her twin sister. And she won’t stop at anything. Including maybe Letting Wrath one of the prince’s from hell who claims to be on her side help. She comes across some of the other deadly sins along the way and she really can hold her own. This was one of my favourite reads of 2020.

Mattie sees and talks to dead people. Throughout this series you watch her navigate through the new world she is finding herself in. She grew up in and out of foster homes, becoming friends with a cop and meeting a family of hunters. She had a pretty hard shell. An epic love story. With ghost and demons filling the pages.

What books would you recommend?

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