Supernatural book Tag

Today is the 13th of September which for people who don’t know is the official supernatural day.

This book tag was created by Between the pages

Supernatural was/is still my favourite show of all time. I was a fan from the start. I was lucky enough to have seen the show when it first appeared on the tv. Dean is my favourite character. I always related to him. The way he bottled his feelings till they exploded. The way he did anything for the people he loved even sacrificed his own self for them. The loving older brother. While my relationship with Sam was more of a love hate. I’m sad it’s over but I’m so happy I got to see it. And I can and will rewatch it for like the millionth time. Anyway here is the tag.

  The colt – If you could own a fictional item, what would you choose?

I would love one of those witch stone lights from the shadowhunters world only because that sounds cool and would be something I could use to read in the dark or while camping.

The impala (baby) -If you could own a fictional vehicle, what would you choose?

The impala from supernatural is my dream car.

Crowley- A villain you love to hate

Mmm…. Hannibal.

Sam & Dean- Two characters from different books that’d make a perfect team to fight evil

Ronan Lynch and Andrew Minyard. I’d love to read a book with these two. They would either be a great team and awesome friends or they would absolutely hate each other and honestly I’m down for whatever.

Dean & Cas- Two characters from different books that’d make a perfect couple

You want me to break up my ships? I guess I could choose side characters. That involves thinking hard about these characters haha. Yeah I got nothing.

Bobby- Your favourite fictional mentor-figure

Wymack from all for the game. He is a great mentor for misfits. And I really love that. Just like  Bobby singer I’d trust him fully.

The Angel Tablet -One of the best books you’ve ever read

The Demon Tablet – One of the worst books you’ve ever read

Shapeshifters- A book with a much better cover in a different country

Hunters- A character you would love to hunt

Edward Cullen from the movies or Jacob from the books.

Chuck- A book that you guessed the plot twist or ending to

Flash fire by TJ Klune I guessed the ending of the sequel. Actually I also figured the ending “surprise” for the first one too. I’m not about it.

The Simon snow books from Waterstone editions with the flowers. For sure they are so pretty.

Cas’s trenchcoat-A book that looks much better without it’s dust jacket

Carry on my wayward son- Put your playlist on shuffle, what book does the song that plays remind you of?

Love race- MGK /Kellin for me this would be jackdaw by Kj Charles. This is such a good romance story too.

Charlie- Your ultimate fangirl moment so far

Ooo there’s been a few. But when I get the Arc for books ive

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