Day 11: Favourite Christmas movies

Keeping with a festive season post. Here are some of my favourite Christmas movies.

Now I’m actually not a Big Christmas movie fan at all. But there are some gems out there for grinch’s like me.

Well let’s start with the stupidist but funny as hell. Elf

I love when Will is so over the top like this. This movie is about a baby who crawled into Santa’s sack one Christmas then grew up as an elf. He is told he’s adopted and goes back to “Earth” to meet his real dad. Of course his dad is a serious book publisher. And Buddy is still dressed as an elf and actually like a child. It has some gold moments in this. And a romance that really wasn’t necessary.

The Grinch

The Grinch was my favourite Christmas movie as a kid.( I still hate the ending haha) I also went through a stage where I loathed Christmas so this movie spoke some wisdom. He was basically bullied as a child. And his heart went cold. One year he is so over the Christmas cheer that he decides to steal everyone’s trees and presents. I’ve never watched the new one either and honestly I don’t see it happening any time soon.

A Miracle On 34th Street

One thing I love the most about movies like this is that Christmas isn’t really at the four front. Is he the real Santa? Or isn’t he. Kris takes over for another Santa. And becomes a massive hit. But he claims to be the real deal. Naturally adults don’t believe this and think he has mental health issues. Also if you are planning on watching this movie watch the 1947 one. The classics are always better.

A Wonderful Life

I didn’t think I’d like this movie. But I’m happy to say I was very wrong. This movie has a sad premises. George Bailey is suicidal and an angel comes down to show him what life would be like if he wasn’t born. It’s an inspiring story. Not everyone has a good Christmas, not everyone loves Christmas for many reasons. And I feel like this is a good movie to have around.

Silent Night Deadly Night

This wouldn’t be my list with out a horror movie. this is an 80s movie so it’s 80s corny. and I love it. It had a sequel which I also recommend as it starts where it leaves. This is about an orphan who is raised by nuns with his brother. He ends up growing up to be a killer. The movie starts with his family driving and a Santa killing his parents. So that’s why he dresses Santa 🎅.

I’m sure there are more but they are the first to come to mind. Let me know what your favourite is below.

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