Day 12- Christmas Traditions

Here in Perth Australia it’s always a scorching summers day. Like this year is 42 c° which is going to stuck. Especially to someone like me that hates summer. Still Christmas must go on. And here’s some things I do each year.

Read a book

Each Christmas Eve I try to just chill all night and read a small book. Seeing as I am the only family member that likes to read I unfortunately can’t get others into the idea of book gift swapping which is such a cool idea. Where you gift someone a book and then you read it on Christmas Eve. So instead I had to change it up to suit me. I’m not sure what book I’ll pick up this year. It will probably be a reread.

Christmas biscuit baking

The weekend before Christmas my mother has always had us kids help bake some cookies and Rockie road. This year myself and my niece helped. I made a batch of Rockie road for work. All nut free and I put tiny teddies in with heap of different candy. Some of the cookies had icing others were dipped in chocolate 🍫.

Christmas day Water Fight.

Every year everyone brings a water pistol over and we fire water at each other. Usually after lunch has been devoured or before… depends on how hot and who makes the first move.

Pools are a must

Everyone I know at least tries to make sure they go to someone’s house for Christmas that has a pool ready to go.

Putting up the tree on the 1st

Never earlier, never later. It feels wrong at this point.

Christmas movie marathon

Before I decided to start reading each eve. I used to do a Christmas movie marathon. And I’d choose a theme. Whether it was black and white, kids or horror. And those where the movies of watch each time. Now I do that on Eve Eve haha because it’s still a fun tradition to do.

I’d love to add some more things. Like Christmas crafting. I did some this year, but I’d love to do more using recycled things.

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I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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