Top Ten Retellings

The top ten retellings I have read so far.

If there is one thing I love the most it’s a good retelling of a much loved story. Down below is my personal top ten. If you have some recommendations please do comment and let me know.


Apparently this is a swamp thing retelling.

This comic was so good. It made me hell protective of Alec. Who I think was bullied by everyone including his brother. And made to be this weirdo. When really he was unique and so smart. That ending though 😔


Beauty and the Beast retelling meets Irish mythology.

A beautiful Romance. About a fae prince named Eamonn. Who is stabbed on battle and crystals grow from the wound. He is banished by his family. And a strong headed girl named Sorcha. Who makes a deal with the fae to cure the plague killing her town and family. The characters are loveable. The plot is done perfectly. It’s just a really great read.


The Little Mermaid retelling

This isn’t pitched as a little mermaid retelling. But let me tell you that that’s all I saw. It even had a sea witch at the end ffs. And the ending of this really pulled out the chickflic fan in me. The romance isn’t even the main focus to this story. It just organically happens.


The Four Horsemen/Bible Retelling

There are four books to this (death is coming soon) and each book focuses on one horsemen. It’s an adult series, and of course each horsemen falls in love with a girl (usually one that tried to kill them. I don’t even know how to express how much I love this series. And that you should read it. Just go read it.


Grease Retelling

Literally I saw it was a Grease retelling and that it was LGBT and I was like yes. This book is funny, cute, frustrating, sad, funny. It honestly a joy to read. Even though it has got a death in it (that you see coming) and it is very heartbreaking.


Greek mythology retelling

So I only new the very basic about Medusa. This story opened my eyes so much so that I hate Poseidon and Athena. This story is written in Medusa POV. Its a reflection story. So she is telling you about her life before and during what happened. Even though she is now in the underworld. And my god. It’s not a very big book but it hits where it needs too.


Anastasia retelling

I have always been a massive fan of this story. Even as a kid when some one would be like “who’s your favourite Disney Princess” I’d be like none of them are better then Anastasia. So I jumped on this book. It was a great spin on the story itself. It is a bit slow which I know some people hated, but I enjoyed it. I think she wrote Anastasia right.


Peter Pan retelling

I hated this movie as a kid. But I have come to love a good Peter Pan retelling. I do love one that shows Peter in a darker light. This one though I just felt like it could have fitted so well. Making Wendy be Peter Pan 😍😍😍 the romance between Peter Pan and Hook. It’s all just worked.



This story been told in his wife’s view gives you some extra insight and lets you see who she was. And its very interesting. Plus I really enjoyed how well and right she got all the important details with Frankenstein. You could tell she was a fan of the book. Frankenstein is one of my favourite books, movie, monster. So I had pretty high expectations and this met them.


Troy/Iliad retelling

I new to much about the Troy war, and Achilles. So reading this I did know where it was going. Still, Madeline Miller managed to make me cry even though I was prepared for the death, and the writing style was beautiful. I see this book getting alot of hype over the past couple of years. And it deserves it. If you haven’t read it go do so. This book has stayed with me since I finished it.

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