The Merlin Readathon wrap up

1st to 15th of August

I finished the first prompt on the first day. A Book with green on the cover.

It was a fun quick read. (I say even though I spent all day reading it). I have to admit to I completely forgot what the Queer Principles of Kit Webb was even about. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was about highwaymen and thief’s. It was a joy to watch Kit give into the life he left behind. And even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Percy. I did like their relationship and I didn’t feel like it was forced. The story over all was good.


#2 A book with a Map

This book was one that got better with time. It was a good book to begin with don’t get me wrong. But it did drag on here and there. It was awesome to see her story though. And written in a way that made her look strong. Definitely worth the read.


#3 A book with an emotional punch

Rereading a fave is always so much fun. Until you get to the scenes you know are gonna rip your heart out…again. I still loved this book. And honestly if you are thinking of reading this “series” read this one before Axios. Both books are the same story, but in the view of the other boy. And this one has way more in it. It’s still a 5 star 🌟 read for me.

#4 last book prompt change up.

The last prompt: Read a scary book was originally survive the night. But I couldn’t get into the narrative. So I ditch it. And went for the other prompt

The five star predictions. And have decided to read my Ari and Dante arc.

β€œI love the rain more than anything.”
β€œI know. I want to be the rain.”
β€œYou are the rain, Dante.”

God damn Benjamin! You made me cry… again. I was expecting big things from this book, and like always he delivers.
I loved watching Ari struggle with his mind and grow into th beautiful human being. He deserves to be happy! And sweet Dante. How you showed your more dramatic side and I loved it. (Bare feet is were it’s at). More friendships are made along the way and it’s beautiful to see.


I finished this readathon early 10th of August. I’ve had fun and would probably do this one again. I love doing Readathons with prompts.

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