Day 6- My 2022 Goals

I’ve been thinking alot about where I want this blog site to go. What I want to do reading wise next year. And just the idea of starting a new.

It’s been a pretty depressing two years. With everything covid. And my mental health taking some hits.

Deciding to start this blog. I just wanted somewhere to put all my love for books, hikes and witchy things. And it was a good escape. But I’d like to add more.

Like book reviews or hell even show/movies. I want to work on reviews more and get better at writing more interesting reviews. But, I also want to keep them fun.

Trying out different book genres. I want to read some books I would never normally pick up. see if my opinion has changed. As well as doing some more DNF do overs.

Month wrap ups. I got slack on these. But I’d like to so a general overview of the month that was and it not only be about the books I read but whatever else.

To read 100 books again next year.

Go on more walk trails. I feel the best mentally after getting back to nature. And if like to get back to that. There a few walks. Close by that I need to get to.

Write more. I have three WIP in the starting stage. I was think it would help to talk about them more here too.

Published by ascrazyasahare

I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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