The DNF Do Over

Every so often there is a book/series I just can’t get into and I DNF it. But something makes me go back. Whether its a few months later or years. And I end up loving it. For example the six of crows and the raven cycle. I gave up on them both with in like the first few pages. Then months later I was on Pinterest. Ronan and Kaz fanart and memes sounded so good. I made the decision to give it another go. And it was the best decision. So here we are with another series.

I gave up on the first book early on. two years ago. But last year her kingdom of the wicked was one of my favourite reads of the year. That when I saw these books in my bookstore I just felt like I needed to give it another try. So here is how it went. Did I DNF them again? Did I end up loving them? Will I be continuing on with this series? I’ll be answer those questions below.

I didn’t care for the begin of this book. But from the moment she’s in the class room dressed as a boy. It’s like this book flip’s a gear. becoming way more interesting.

I don’t recognise any of this book. Like I don’t understand why I didn’t like it the first time round and gave up. I am chalking it up to I wasn’t ready for this book. Because not only am I wanting to keep going back to this book but I adore Audrey, Thomas and Nathaniel. Their interactions, their personalities, their sarcasm (massive fan of sarcastic people being one myself). I won’t give away any spoilers for people who haven’t read this but I loved everything about this book. And I mean everything from the characters to the killer 😉. Especially because of the reason why. Holy shit why did I give up on this book before.


“Roses have both petals and thorns, my dark flower. You needn’t believe something weak because it appears delicate. Show the world your bravery.”

I am so happy I have this another go. Sometimes books come into your life and they just aren’t there at the right time. It’s definitely worth giving up on books even if you never do go back to them. To make room for the ones you do like. And if you do end up going back it might be the right time in your life and you’ll love them.

Will I be reading the rest? Yes I think I will. Hopefully my new found love will carry on through the others.

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