Top Ten Classics

In this blog I’ll be telling you my top ten classic reads. Some of these are short stories. Some are full novels.                                                    . These are my top ten classic reads (so far)        and let’s just say I have a love hate relationship with classic stories. Some I absolutely loath while others a quite enjoyed. Feel free to let me know what are some of your favourites.


First off this is ten because even though I didn’t hate this. I didn’t love it either. I enjoyed the concept and the way it is written. I thought it would be harder to read. However, I’ll admit this is long drawn and can be boring at times. I really just felt like it should be on this list. And when I think of all the classics I have read (or tried to) this one still holds fond memories.


Normally with this sort of book genre I can’t sit through the book. I have DNFD a few or forced myself through them. This one however I really enjoyed. It wasn’t all Romance. It has depth to it. I liked that it was darker then most. And I like Jane as a protagonist.


So this is surprisingly a really decent read. It’s well written. Easy to understand and honestly I would have liked to see what he would have done to a full blown novel. It’s definitely must read. It’s even more fun to read when you know the history behind this story.


Also known as the story that inspired Dracula. For the longest time I thought Dracula was the first like vampire story. Oh how I was wrong. And this story I felt was better then Dracula. Just saying. It was more eerie. And never made me skim words. I really would like to reread this one. So want a good vampire story. Read this one.


Unlike lord of the rings. This one isn’t as hard to read. As in its not as long. Probably more humour in it to. I am, however bias. I love Bilbo and hate Frodo. So naturally U prefered this one. Its an awesome fantasy that still stands up today.


This one is not something I’d pick up usually. However I loved the movie so damn much. And this book was just as good. It is one of those stories I could read a hundred times and it will never get old. It’s also one of the saddest books on here. It’s also one of those simple storylines, and it really didn’t need to be anything else.


This was the first story I ever read by H.P Lovecraft. And still to this day it is my favourite. It was simple. Creepy. And made you feel like it was you in the cave. It also showed me how a simple short story can be just as impactful as a long one.


So if you have read Frankenstein and you liked it. I can’t stress how much you need to check out Mary’s other short stories. And you should start with this one. It is so good. Like no words can even explain it. It shows you a life of someone who becomes immortal and it is perfect!


When people talk about classics this one or Dracula or a Jane Austen story gets brought up. For me. The hype around Frankenstein is well deserved. I mean not only was this written by a female but it’s one of the coolest concepts. It’s safe to say for me. Mary Shelley had become not only one of my favourite writers but an inspiration to write.


To anyone who knows me. Will not at all be surprised that this is number 1. For the longest time it was actually Frankenstein. But my love for this damn story has taken over. And I don’t really like a lot of his other works. This is a story for the pirate fans. And its full of adventure. God it’s just so much fun to read.

Thanks for reading ☺️

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