Finishing some book series part 1

I have so many god damn series I need to finish or catch up on. So below I’m going to try and knock a few out.

Book series one

Thoughts: this series started so well with extraordinaries. It was different. It had a good ADHD rep. I liked the ending. Then book two started. And no one talks about the ending of book one. Then that finally starts to pick up and we get a good cliffhanger. Then book three, heat wave come out. And boy. There must have been a reason I kept putting off reading it. It was terrible. The big reveal was predictable. Nick just got so bloody annoying. Their dialogue was cringy. It just ruined the whole series for me. But it’s done. I finished it. Now I gotta unhaul it.

Book series two

I got lakesedge back in 2021 as an arc from Netgally. And it was a 5 star read for me. I loved it. I finally got to book 2 and I have to say Forestfall doesn’t disappoint.

Thoughts: I’m so thankful for that because I brought the pretty covers off owlcrate and I would have hated having to unhaul them like the series above. The second book kind of switches their roles and I loved it. The magic system in this is pretty original.

Book series three

Thoughts: The last book she wrote for this came out in 2017. From the grave was meant to be next. But it never happened. I questioned if it would ever get released. Which j was pretty sad about because the book before this was terrible. This one was a great wrap up. It made up for the last one. But damn 67% in and shit starts to go south (not in a bad way writing wise more of how dare she do this to me way) I didn’t cry like most have. But damn did I nearly throw it and get mad. Still it was a great book. Things happened I didn’t think would. But no spoilers. This is a 7 book series but it’s so worth reading.

That’s three out of 18 done and dusted.

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