Favourite book quotes

A few years back I decided to put my favourite quotes into a note book. So I could always go back to it and look at them. Some of the quotes came from books, some from songs others from tv/movies. Below are some of my favourite quotes from books I’ve read over the years.

From the queen of air and darkness by Cassandra Clare. She’s had some really good ones over the years but this is one of my favourites.

From the wicker king by K. Ancrum. This is something we can tend to forget. Sometimes feel guilt for. This book was such a great read too. With some great quotes inside too. But always remember you deserve to heal and grow.

From the raging ones by Becca Richie and Krista Ritchie. This book surprised me in so many ways. And this is one of my favourite quotes even till this day.

Horror in the woods by Lee Mountford. Not something you’d really expect from a horror book. But here we are. This speaks volumes about fighting on and never giving in. Or taking those leaps in life.

The raven king by Nora Sakavic. My favourite book series.

The prep and the punk by Imogene Kash. Still to this day it shocks me that this was in a smutty book. But damn. It’s something I always struggle with. And when I read this line I had to stop everything and read it over a couple times. It’s such a power message. And it’s honestly the last place I thought I would see something like it.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Something that needs reminding to some. Crying is ok.

Gilded cage by KJ Charles. I always believe family doesn’t have to be blood related. You can choose who you call family and let into your life.

The black prince by Ariana Nash. Gotta keep fighting.

I do need to update this quote book with more quotes from books I’ve read recently (by recently I mean the last couple of years because I got slack)

What’s your favourite quote from a book?

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