The Contradictions Book Tag

Avoiding writing. So doing a book tag instead. This one sounded pretty cool. Because we all find books that contradict what we say. So down below is my answer to these 8 questions.

Let’s start this tag off with the link to the original which you can go watch though here

1) I love this genre but I didn’t like this book

I love YA fantasy. It’s the one genre I’ve always loved over the years. And I thought I’d like this book. It had good reviews. It sounded like something I would read and love. It had all the signs. But boy was I wrong.

2) I rarely read this genre but I loved this book

Contemporary is a genre I don’t pick up much. But I do enjoy the more dark moody contemporary.

3) I love this trope but I didn’t like this book

I love enemies to lovers. But this book just didn’t do it for me. I even gave up on it. I’d like to think one day I might go back to it but I really don’t think it’s going to happen. So many people love it, and it still kinda makes me sad that I didn’t.

4) I hate this trope but I loved this book

I have sworn to everyone I hate friends to lover. I just hate it. Most of the time the characters don’t have that chemistry and it feels you can just be friends you know. Then this book came around and I abandoned that thought…

5) I love this author but I didn’t like this book

There have been a few over the years. But I’m going to go with a KJ Charles book. Only because I have read so much of her stuff and I was honestly shocked I hated this.

6) I previously disliked a book by this author but I loved this book

I didn’t like the shadow and bones. I didn’t even like this the first time I tried. But when I picked it up the second time I loved it. I wish I could say the same for shadow and bone but I still can’t get into it.

7) I love this cover but I didn’t like this book

I don’t even remember this book. But I rated it 2 stars on Goodreads back in 2021. The cover is cute. But clearly I didn’t really enjoy it.

8) I don’t like this cover but I loved this book

When it comes to the others in this series this one is definitely the weakest. And it looks cheap and corny. Definitely could have used a better cover. Still I loved this book. And it’s been years since I read anything by this author. I should check her other stuff out.

I feel like this should have been longer. And sure I could have added some to this. But I thought I’d leave it as it is.

Thanks for reading 😁

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