Books that surprised me part 1

Every now and then you pick up a book and don’t expect much from them. If you are like me sometime I pick books up knowing I’ll probably give up on it and drop the book. So why do I pick it up? Because something about it caught my interest or I’ve seen the book everywhere. Below are some of the books that surprised me and ended up being great reads.

This one is a book I read recently. I picked it up on booksirens thinking it sounded ok but that I’ll probably give up on it. it’ll end up being corny like most vampire romances are with a few exceptions. However I was so wrong. Also this was all sex and blood it had a real story in it.

I got this one in a book box (I’m not sure which). I’d never heard of It. And by this stage (2017) I wasn’t reading anything like this. This ended up not only being a pretty book but it opened doors to new genres and taste for me.

I’d seen this book everywhere. Everyone was talking about it. So I decided to give it ago. Never picking up the contemporary style before. And after this it sent me down a spiral of contemporary and Benjamins work. He’s now one of my favourite authors.

I never read smutty books. I never read books with this sort of subject. I don’t know why I picked this book up. I honestly don’t remember. But when I did I nearly put it down because of the nature of the beginning of this. It was pretty dark for me. Oh boy how it changed once I pushed past it. Now I’m obsessed with characters that have a traumatic past. And the darker fantasy and the smut. It’s funny what books broaden your taste. And how much your taste has changed over the years.

I don’t like dystopian or SciFi. They are not my thing. Sometimes a book comes around that sounds interesting enough to just say fuck it I’ll give it ago. I didn’t expect to love this duology yet I did. The back reads as a love triangle which I don’t like. And thankfully it didn’t end up being one. This book was so surprising. It taught me to give other genres I hate a chance. And most of the time I was right and I hated the book. But sometimes I was wrong.

Another genre I hate is crime/mystery. Add cops as your MC and it’s a big no thank you. This book was recommended by an author I enjoyed so I decided what the hell. And it ended up being one of my top ten reads of 2021.

I got this as a blind date with a book. And if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have read it. This didn’t sound like my sort of book. So thank you unplugged because this was so damn good.

What books have surprised you?

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