April Showers Book Tag

A nice cold autumn Saturday. 🍁 Here’s a book tag. And seeing as it has rained heaps this week this tag definitely fits the mood.

This tag was created by Beyond the book.

A book with water on the cover

Going off my Tbr to shake things up a bit. Here’s a story about a beautiful orca named Moby doll. I adore orcas so much I have one tattooed on my arm. One of these days I’ll get to this book.

A classic novel you’d like to curl up on the couch with

My favourite classic. What’s better than reading about an awesome adventure. While curled up on your couch.

A scary book you would read during a rainstorm

All horrors are great for the stormy nights. This one is on my Tbr so hopefully I can read it on a rainy night. And hopefully it’s good.

A good book recommendation for rainy days

I don’t do seasonal reads to be real. So I’m not really sure but I’ll go with a horror/dark fantasy because they definitely fit the best.

Two characters you’d like to spend a rainy day with

Mmm….. probably…..Jesper and wylan because they would get up to some mischief. And the rain wouldn’t stop them.

A book that has blue on the cover

I am starting to question if this is really purple. But fuck it. This is a book I plan on binge reading very soon. I’ve been waiting for this since it came out on audio last year.

A book that has a rainy setting at some point

I don’t recall rain in books. But I’m positive this one did…maybe

A book you wouldn’t mind using as an umbrella

This was an easy answer. My arch nemesis.

A character you’d like to share an umbrella with

Wylan from six of crows. That poor boy needs to be protected.

A novel with a dry beginning but an amazing ending

I didn’t like this book at the start. Took my like three goes. But damn was this a good series in the end.

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