March wrap up

I didn’t bother doing one of these for Feb. Mainly because all four books I read were nothing special. I didn’t feel anything for them. I rated them all three stars but I think I was just being generous. This has been 100% better. Here’s a wrap of the month of March and the best books I read this month.

Physical books: 4

Ebooks: 4

Audiobooks: 1/2 half of a book

Arcs: 2

Overall: 8

Book of the month

Oh how my two girlies went head to head. Kj Charles and Ariana Nash. Both fantastic books. How do I choose. I’m going with the highest rating and that funny enough went to Kj Charles’new book.

This book was perfect! It had the right amount of drama and tension. The two mains already had something when the book started. It got ruined like always and they went their separate ways. Only to end up in the same place. Joss is a smuggler of goods and basically runs a gang that is pretty much mainly his family. He’s the guy you go to for everything. He’s charming, he’s resourceful and he will do anything to protect the people he loves. And I adored him as a character. He was more of a character whom you don’t expect to stand up and fight so much but he does. Garth, he was very surprised by the courage he had. He just was so hot headed and had tunnel vision until he had no choice. They were a great match.


Another great read by Nash. She is just so good at writing M/M romance. I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I’ll be honest I didn’t even read the blurb I just went in blind as a bat. It had a great world building. The way she talked about each court made them sound all very different and hold different values. Like court of love being all dumb and wanting sex. Court pain being nasty and grey. Etc. I also like all three characters you are introduced to that makes it feel like it’s going to be a M/M /M. However, she has assured it won’t be. Bit of a shame. Even though I want Draven the third wheel to disappear now. I did like him to start with. She has also written a horrible villain. One you can’t possibly love that’s for sure. It ended on a cliff hanger. And I can’t wait for the next book.


This book has some of the dumbest bad reviews on Goodreads. Apparently nobody understood the title or the back. It literally says makes her match. She is a Frankenstein. Why are you giving it a bad review because of this reason. Yes she brings a guy back from the dead. Sure you don’t have to like the romance. But it was obvious it was going to happen. So why did you buy it. I actually kept forgetting he was a dead man. He was so sweet and so hard not to care for. I enjoyed their romance. It was a fun book that I didn’t take too seriously. And neither should you.


This was pretty interesting. It got straight to the point of each place. Some of the stories I’d love to know more about but this was a great place to start. I didn’t know the stories about some of the places close to me either.


This book has some pretty bad reviews. But I didn’t get the hate. Sure John is a bit of a dick, but with his history it makes sense. Whereas, Vic stole my heart. I loved him from the start. He was such a sweethearted vampire. There wasn’t any forced love, or instant love. The plot was interesting enough trying to find out who the killer is and their romance was nice to watch grow.


Next month I wanna read as many of my darker books I have on my Tbr in celebration of Samhain here in The Southern hemisphere. It’s Autumn, the weather’s cooking down. Time to get I. The mood for the darker reads. And there are a couple of books I’ve been dying to get to. So here’s too another great reading month.


Writing this month went well. I beat my friend in our second writing week by smashing out a great word count while doing a 24 hour write-a-thon. And I have started rewriting my WIP and writing itself. As much as I was dreading it. It really was the right decision.

March has been good to me creatively and I can’t wait to see what April has in store.

What was your favourite read this month?

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