Tbr card game part 1

My reading is starting to go all over the place. I found these TBR cards off Etsy and had to grab one. I’m finally going to give it ago. And see how many I can stick too. I’m not sure how many rounds I’ll do. I’m undecided. But we’re just going to go with it.

Firstly I brought them from here Don’t judge books . Feel free to go check out what they have.

Secondly I’m not going to use these for only YA.

This book is pretty weird but I figured that going in. This isn’t my usual go to. However, I love Frankenstein and I really enjoyed the dark descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein so I figured what harm could this do. It was an alright read for what it is. Angelika makes herself a man from a bunch of different ones. He wants to know who he was and she helps him along the way. It’s as bizarre as you would think. I didn’t hate this though. It’s written in a way you can just binge it and not think too hard. It has a lot of bad reviews but I honestly wasn’t expecting anything less than what this book was. So it didn’t bother me. I’ll never pick it up again and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Still, it was fine. I’ve read worse.

Ariana has released another book. And thank god the cards were aligned. So here we are.

Lark is a fool. He is also sassy as all hell and I love it. He has suffered and now is running rampant in the court of love. Where a prince named Arin apparently hates him. But the guy clearly does not. Then there’s Draven. And honestly I shipped Lark and Draven from the very first moment they met. However by the end of the book I feel he needs to go. He’s getting in the way haha. I really loved this book. And can’t wait for the next one.

I’ve been putting this book off. The second book of this series really let the team down. I mean it wasn’t bad by any means but I just thought it could be better. And since then I’ve been putting this book off. Well here go.

This series started off strong. Then just slowly died. This last book was terrible. And I love this author. But damn was nick extra annoying. The first half was weird. Then the “twist” came and that was whatever. The ending was fine. I just hate when a series is good. And the last book Ruines it. It’s such a shame because extraordinaries is such a great book. It held such promise. And flash fire ended on such a great cliff hanger. It’s alright tj Klune can’t win all of them green creek is such a great series and he’s standalones have been one of a kind. Just a shame this one was so weak.

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