Wheel of the year book tag

With Mabon coming up for us in the Southern hemisphere I thought why not do a book tag. This is the closest one I could find.

Firstly I found this book tag here ➡️ Click here

And the picture above is from Pinterest but has a link to the Etsy store here➡️Etsy

Imbolc: what new to you book series are you anxious to start?

If we mean worried I won’t like it or something like that I wanna say this series below. I brought the cover because they were pretty I really don’t want to regret the decision.

Ostara: Name a book with a happy ending?

No spoilers really. But this one had a happy ending. One I’m grateful for after all the unnecessary stress Maggie put me through. So I feel like it needed to be mentioned.

Beltane: name your favourite passionate couple (canon or not)?

There are so many that I could name. And one I adore the most. But let’s go with real passion. And honestly that’s probably Mark and Gordo. They were meant to be together. Then things happened. Gordon’s hate for Mark and Mark’s guilt for Gordon was so passionate. They loved each other so much but damn was it bumpy. 

Litha: what book or character makes you feel the most ready to party?

Mmm….this one’s a hard one. I wouldn’t say any to be honest. But let’s just throw one out there.

Lamma: what tasty treat would you like to pull from the pages of a book?

I don’t really even like Turkish delights. But still to this day I would love to try the ones from Narnia.

Mabon: what is a project you are proud of that you have recently made progress in?

I could say my WIP but I’m going to say my Disney dreamlight valley town. And house.

Samhain: name a book that represents your ethnic heritage or if you haven’t named one you would like to see in a book?

I don’t know. I’ve read quite a few different ones I like. Maybe a real Aussie bogan. Or more Aboriginal YA/Adult fantasy. You don’t see enough of that.

Yule: what book relayed a heavy topic, but relayed a message of hope?

So many of the books I read are like this. Dark depressing topic but hopeful endings. It’s my go to. One of the darkest series I’ve read is Silk and Steel. So many trigger warnings needed. But it was hopeful in the end. Of being free and loved.

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