7 day Readathon wrap up

I usually do a 7 day Readathon in January. But that didn’t happen. So Feb is the month. I usually go with a theme too but I think I’m just going to go for it. Mood picks my reads for the week.

This will be filled out as I go. Section for each day.

Day 1/2

I am currently trying to read two books at once. But I’m going to have to make a decision on which one to focus on. And seeing as this Arc was meant to have been reviewed already. I’m going with.

Starting this challenge at 4%. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It’s not something I’d usually read. Even though I requested it. We are following two people as they are picked up off the ground and nursed back to help. This world seems to have ended with a sickness.

I found him in the cloud-shrouded night. No moon to guide me. No stars to follow. Just my heart and the whispers it fed me of his anguish, torment, and misery.

Honestly this was a weird book. I didn’t like it all that much. But I pushed through wanting to know who these two were and what they were to each other. It’s an interesting read don’t get me wrong. But I’m also glad it’s over. It was slow paced and I found myself skimming or glazing over. Not wanting to just give up and move on I just kept pushing. Some people will love this book. Some people will find Runa likeable and not boring. Darro is written way better and I did like his character overall. And what be was. Still I probably won’t continue reading this series.

I decided to pick this Arc up for my next read. I got this from book sirens. And I do really enjoy a retelling of Peter Pan. In this one Peter Pan and hook are the same person.

Day 3

I finished losing Neverland. And I want to first off say the start of this book gives off a few rapey vibes. However the story itself is good. I loved how dark Hook was. I enjoyed the relationship between him and Wendy. I loved that Smee is Wendy’s brother John. This was a great dark retelling of Peter Pan.

I went back to this book after reading the two arcs. So started this off at 20%. So far I’ve really enjoyed it. Alexis is a great writer.

Marion takes up a call for an ad in the paper asking for a bloodmaid. At first I was quite enjoying it. But about over half way through I started to struggle. Losing interest in the story. It did pick up in the end. And I liked the ending. But I won’t lie it was a hard book to read.

Day 4/5

Back with another arc.

Wade hits a creature. And runs into his step brother he didn’t know he had.

I’ll be honest this was hard to get into at first. Then it got weird. I didn’t realise it was a selkie shifter story at first.

Day 6/7

I had an foreseen dog emergency. So there is no way I’ll be finishing this readathon. But it’s been cool knocking out the Arcs and what not. I read quite a few books.

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