January wrap up

January was a good reading month. And by the end of the month I really got going on my writing again.

Physical books: 0

Ebooks: 5

Arcs: two Dnfs

Overall: 5

This month I finished the storygraph read every day of January challenge. But it wasn’t easy. I also caved and brought the Disney dreamvalley game on my switch. And let me tell you that’s a tad addictive. Still I got through and managed to beat the challenge.

Book of the month:

All the books in this month’s blog are Ariana Nash books. But out of them all this one was my favourite. This vampire series has been everything I could want in a vampire romance book so far. You get to see the two from the first book (Zaine and Eric) which is always nice to see how old fave couples are going. And met the new couple. A true enemy to lovers. From the start you can feel how much Felix hated Kazi. I just knew from that start that this was going to be so hot when they finally got together and boy was it. Kazi is a stickler for the rules but even he breaks a few in this one. He has a pretty dark past too which makes sense why he follows the blackrose brotherhood rules so much.

I also decided, after DNFing two arcs, to pick up another series I’ve dnfed twice before.

After deciding to just pick up where I left off with king of the dark I not only ended up really enjoying it but I finished the entire series for the rest of January. Now don’t get me wrong these tree books where. Long winded and there are times I just started to get annoyed with how long it was taking to get somewhere. It still made me want to push on. Vasili and Niko are great characters. The fact that Niko doesn’t just nod and agree with the prince makes it even better. It’s what makes Their relationship so good. The trauma that Vasili went through as a child made me want to protect him and justify whatever bullshit he was doing. Cottage was a great novella for this series too. I’m officially all caught up with Ariana Nash’s catalogue of books. I definitely recommend this book for people who enjoy captive prince series by C.S. Pacat.

Writing: this month I found what my current WIP needed and that was to put her in two parts. The story I had been writing was actually part 1. I kind of got stuck with the pacing not knowing how much more I could possibly drag her out. Then as I was bouncing ideas off a fellow writing friend for her story it clicked. I needed another character to come in and be the true villain of the story. And boy did she ever. Her name is Cordelia. And she informed me that her part of the story is part 2.

Cordelia is a powerful goblin. Because what else was I going to use in a fae realm book 😉. She reminds me of villains like scar and Ursula in a sassy way. I can’t wait to write what she has gotten up to. And what stuff she’ll inflict on the MC – I mean story.

Here’s to Feb. Hopefully the two arcs I have to read for this month won’t kill my soul.

What are some of your favourite reads for January?

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