Dnf do overs #2 King of the Dark by Ariana Nash.

Every now and then a book I previously gave up on pops back up and I decide to give it another chance. In this book’s case this will be its third and final go at it.

The book is the first of a series by Ariana Nash. And if you’ve seen any of my posts last year you will have guested I love all her work. And I minus this one bloody series and it annoys me to no end.

Some spoilers will more than likely be in this. So be aware.

Now I’m not going to make the same mistake as last time and start this book from the beginning. No I’m going to be cheeky here and start it where I left off. Which is at the 25% mark. Chapter 10. I’ve never made it past that. So here we go.

“A thinker,” she mused after his too long in silence. “Yes, it’s all falling into place.” “I’m not sure what you mean.” “Vasili’s attraction to you.” He laughed suddenly, caught off guard. “There isn’t such a thing.” “Oh, attraction doesn’t have to be physical. There’s more to desire than sex.”

Starting from the 25% was a great decision. This book starts off pretty slow. The characters flesh out after this point. And I finally understood why it was recommended if you liked the captive prince. Vasili is Laurent and Niko is Damos. They are so alike in so many ways. Vasili and Laurent became the way they are from last trauma. Niko and Damos are war heroes in a sense. Both Niko and Damos were whipped by their soon to be lovers. And both books are slower burners.

You also can’t help but love Julien. He’s this adorable guard that seems to do anything Vasili tells him. And loves Niko. Which makes this like a love triangle in a way. But I knew Niko and Vasili were the end game going into this series. So the whole time I was just waiting to see if Jules died or worse and at the 76% mark the boy showed his true colours. I have to give it to Nash. She makes you really care for the bastard.

Your love is worthless. It’s your hate I need.

I can thankfully call this do over another success. I hope to finish the next two books in this series this month. I officially love every book Ariana has written.


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