5 Days to Christmas: The Academy Awards Book Tag

Another book tag. I am a sucker for them. It’s not long now till Christmas. I’m not the biggest Christmas fan but I’m trying to enjoy myself more each year. So I thought why not find a book tag that’s like all those award shows. Pretty much every time you think of a type of book tag there’s usually one out there.

First things first. I found it here Afangirl. I’m not sure who made it as it didn’t say on her blog. But whoever it was thank you. And I’m sorry I haven’t credited you here.

For this tag I’m only going to allow myself to pick books I read this year.

Red Carpet Ready – What outfit from a book would you want to steal?

I can’t think of any books this year that have outfits I like or would want but I’m going to go with a book from last year that fits the Christmas season. Because this is a fae party. I think it be nice to dress up for it. The outfits would be interesting too. With the mask.

The Opening Monologue – What are some of your favourite opening lines?

Maxwell White’s instincts had proven correct—there was something severely wrong with the person he was following.” Deathborn -Lee Mountford

Best Picture – Favourite stand-alone novel?

For this year I had a few but I’ll give it to the light house witches because even though I picked it up on my own I honestly didn’t think I’d like it. Instead it opened my eyes to a new type of genre I don’t usually touch. I loved how they mixed the mytho and the two time lines. It shouldn’t have worked for me but it did.

Best Short Film – Favourite novella/short story?

This year I can’t go past the novella a lot of people were dying for. And I thankfully only had to wait a few months after reading the primal sin and that’s Solo’s story. Because Solo is the cutest little angel who falls for a Demon.

Best Actor – Who is your favourite male protagonist?

Oh man this is a hard one for me. I wanna say Ronan Lynch but I think I’m going to go with Wilhelm. I remember loving this book so much because of his character. And wanting to burn the world for him. He’s one of those characters you wanted to protect at all costs. So I’m going with Wilhelm

Best Actress – Who is your favourite female protagonist?

Oh there have thankfully been a few this year but now how am I meant to choose. Not wanting to double up on books here I’ll have to go with Audrey

Best Director – Who is your favourite author?

The answer for this year is easy. Because it’s clearly Ariana Nash. I read all her new books. And some of her old. And I loved them all. There is only one series I haven’t grabbed on to but I’m hoping to reread it I’ll realise I love it haha.

Best Adapted Screenplay – Favourite book adaptation? What book would you want to see adapted next?

I didn’t like the shadow and bone books so I loved the show. I thought it was better. As for a book I’d love to see be adapted. I’m always worried when a book I like is. Not knowing if it’s going to be any good. But I’m going to go with:

Best Original Screenplay – Favourite fictional world?

Best Cinematography – Best Plot Twist? (No Spoilers Please!)

The plot twist in this probably wasn’t a shock to most people. But for some reason I didn’t see it coming. But when it did it changed everything to me with this series.

Best Costume Design – Favourite book cover?

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