12 days to Christmas: 12 books I need to read next year.

We’ve hit that time a year again. Where you look back and see all the books you’ve read and all the books still left to go and new releases.

The sequel to lakesedge which was a favourite read back in 2021. I even gifted a copy of lakesedge to one of my friends this year. I’m a little nervous about finally getting to this sequel. But my plan is to get to it as the first read of 2023.

The third and last book to the kingdom of the wicked. And the only reason I haven’t gotten to it this year is because I’m waiting on fairyloot to give me my damn book. I’m so on the verge of buying another copy. Can Kerri hit gold three times in a row? Each book in their series has been better than the last. I’m dying to get my hands on this book.

This has quickly become my favourite shadowhunter series of them all. I love all the characters. I’m still surprised by how good this series was when I didn’t care to read it and just did it to pass time for the kit and Ty series. Now I just don’t think that’s going to beat this one. Bring on next year when it finally comes out.

After what feels like 84 years the last book in the Arcana chronicles FINALLY is finally out. Bring on April. Now even though I hated the last book. I’m too invested to walk away. Will she end up with Jack (team Jack here) or Death? Or will they be smart and leave her ass. Because honestly at this point I’d be happy for her to get neither. They deserve better.

The next book in the stalking jack the ripper series. I started this series again after DNFing jack the ripper years ago. And I really enjoy them. Sadly I just got distracted by all the other books this year. So I need to get back and finish that series.

I don’t know what this is about. All I know is I need to read it. That’s it.

The last of the extraordinaries series. Why I haven’t picked it up yet is beyond me. But I will definitely get to it next year. It’s sitting right there just waiting for me.

I brought these because they were pretty. But I haven’t been able to bring myself to pick them up. So I’m going to have to sit myself down and make it happen.

I can never say no to a Kj charles book. And I’ve really missed reading new stuff by her. This is one of those books I don’t need to know what it’s about. I’m reading it for the Author.

I’m starting to find dark vampire books interesting. I lost interest in vampire books in highschool and never looked back. But 10 or so years later I’m back. I’m praying this is as good as the year of the witching.

The next book by the genius Grady. It sounds funny. The line possessed by their parents is intriguing enough. I tried to get the Arc but sadly nothing. Still looking forward to getting a copy.

The third book in this horror series that I’ve really been enjoying this year and brought back my love for Lee’s books. I think the last book is meant to be out soon but there’s no way I’ll get to it till next year.

Thanks for reading

Are there any books you are looking forward to reading next year?

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