11 days to Christmas: top 11 books I read this year

Below are my top eleven new to me books I read this year and of what I thought. I’m not sure if I’ll do one about some of the books I gave up on. But time will tell.

Hell Skate


Of course I managed to squeeze Kj on here. Was looking like I’d be able to this year but we got there in the end. This is a cute enemies to lovers novella. But they can’t stay mad at each other for long. Was a fun read to end the y


I hadn’t picked up a book by this author in awhile. And honestly I wasn’t sure if I would like this. But I have Shaun a chance. And like most of his books I really enjoyed this one. I liked how he mixed real magic with magicians. It all fits. And like most of his books it had a tragic character. Who I loved.


This is one of the books this year that surprised me. It’s not one I would have picked up. I got it in the unplugged blind date with a book and I loved it. It was such an original idea and nothing like I thought it would be. It was so refreshing to read.


I’ve been getting into poetry books the past two years, and I really enjoyed this story in verse. It was a quick read but it packed a punch.


I found this through the writing community on twitter. And it’s so good! I was surprised by this small read. From the moment the story starts it just demands to be read. Mixing folklore and real life in an interesting way.


I saw the cover on some booktubes and I needed a copy. Add that this is a Norwegian translated book just made me want it more. It’s a simple


This felt like a C.S.Pacat book. I love her books so coming for me it is a compliment. It’s a pretty simple plot with some twists and turns along the way. And the magic system is pretty different too. Balen and Zavrius are great together and by themselves which is always nice in a romance novel when you like them both.


I brought this book for the hell of it. I don’t always like this author’s books. This one though. This one shocked me on how good it was. It tells of a girl named Marra going on a mission to kill a prince and save her sister. But let me tell you this book has so much more going on. The magic system is awesome. The bone dog is adorable.


The first two books in this series have been so good I am wondering if the last can hold up. This series has made me fall back in love with Lee’s books. The haunted series just didn’t do it for me. This though. This is insanely good and dark. It has so many characters and ‘charters’ but it works so well with the story. The monsters are awesome


A fantastic sequel to a great series. I love this series so much and I have one more to go. It just ge


And that’s not all of the books I read by Ariana Nash. Still how can I choose a top book when all her books are like gold. I fell down her rabbit whole from the start of the year and I haven’t looked back. She’s done everything from vampires to angels and demons to monsters to rich guys with magic. It’s just all so good.

What are your favourite reads this year? Any recommendations?

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