November wrap up

Oh November. The weather was weird. Hot, cold, sunny, raining and that could be in one day. But it was a much better month than the last.

Books: 0

Ebooks: 5

Arcs: 4

Overall: 4

Book of the month

This was the highest rated book I rated I should add. Being 4 star reading. Usually I choose the most memorable of the month, but none hit that this time around. This was a great book of poems though, and I do recommend it.

I was also given a chance to read this book of poetry. Which I enjoyed. They were dark and based on true crime. But it’s not for everyone. I rated it 3.5 stars.

This is book 5 in more heat than the sun series. And I still love them as a couple and then as individuals. But this did lose steam by the half way mark. I just didn’t care about this movie/show Ben’s cast for. Then of course drama and death threats come with it. And I honestly lost interest. But their love for each other is worth reading. Hopefully the next book will be better. I rated this 3.5 stars.

This book sounded so good. For the most part it was alright. However, the main character doesn’t read like an 18 year old he reads like a young 15 or even younger teen. Yet he’s the teacher/librarian of his side of town. And it annoyed me. Still the whole plot of two towns being Separated by a glowing wall and each Christmas someone is selected to go over the wall and talk to someone from the other side. It’s a nice idea for a story. I just wasn’t the biggest fan. I rated it 2.5 stars.

This is a fast paced book. And Orpheus moves on pretty easy at the start. He falls madly in love and even goes to hell for the guy. But the story itself could have been better. I rated this 3 stars.

I am currently reading two other books. But I didn’t finish them in time to add to this list. Hopefully Christmas I can knock my reading goal out .

NaNoWriMo wrap

I never really achieved my goal of finishing the first four chapters of my book. I was sidetracked with new ideas. And the realisation that I had to add another chapter and push the other ones down the line. I’m making up any excuse at this time. However, I’m still proud of what I achieved. And how motivated I was at the start.

Goals for next month: I plan to do 12 days of Christmas and I’m going to do a 24 hour readathon at some point to try and finish all the books I can and meet my reading goal.

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