NaNoWrimo week 3

Another week of NaNo over. For people who don’t know I’m doing the Rebel NaNo. My books are coming nicely. Word wise it’s not a lot. But honestly I don’t care. I’ve also been working on a new story idea and writing short stories. It’s definitely been a more productive week. All up from here right?

I’ve got 1667 problems but tea ☕ ain’t one

What do your MC and Antagonist have in common? A few things actually. They both were bullied as kids for similar reasons. (Being different from the other Fae’s). They also have a similar outlook on life in a way. They just choose to do things differently.

How does your MC feel about family gatherings? Most gatherings in general are tiring. But she would do anything for her family.

3 writing tools you’re thankful for? My surface go. My Spotify playlist. My notebook full of all my novel info.

Describe your MC as a type of pie: well shit. Maybe a Wildberry. Because she’s sweet under all that pastry but has some tang to her too.

Does your Antagonist crush any parties or events? No but he was the cause of an event that stops a party.

If you only had 1667 words to tell your entire story. What would you do. It probably wouldn’t be too hard. Be like a spoiler blurb.

How’s your NaNoWrimo going?

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