NanoWrimo week 2

Week two of being a nano rebel. The goal is to finish my first four chapters.

I should be writing but I’m:

Nano word count report: 4763….

How does your antagonist get around? He can fly. He has dragon wings. But he does enjoy walking.

How does your MC cope with stress? With anger.

What would you rather do than the 1667 word count today? Go for a nice day out hiking or laying around watching movies/reading.

How are you feeling about Nano?

What would be your Antagonist twitter handle? Miserableatbest

Last week I was hit with migraines that stopped me from functioning.

I think 🤔 doing a relaxed NaNo was a mistake. I’m three days into week two and I have no motivation to actually do anything. Even though I think about actually doing some writing Daily. But we live and learn. I am going to think of some cool ways to reward and push myself.

Did I think of another story idea 💡 yes, yes I did. Now I think I’m going to see where that goes while working on this one. I work better when I have two to focus on. It’s like too much pressure. So here’s to week three.

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