Two poems

Today I picked up two poetry books and here’s what I thought of them

Both of these books are from NetGalley.

The Black Widow is a collection of poetry influenced by true crime poetry and literary heroines. The spider’s web is a powerful metaphor for exploring cases of injustice and abused women who kill. This emotive collection gives voice to those unjustly convicted, to abuse survivors and their children, and to the foster carers who look after them. 

“I leave this wreath to victims: Black flowers for their secrets and blue forget-me-nots. Strelitzia, the Bird of Paradise, for its promise, Poppies for love, A white Christmas rose for all the celebrations denied.”

This is a dark book of poetry. And some of these aren’t for everyone. But they are a great collection of poems. With insight on what could be going on in the minds of some women who have been through some real shit. There is one poem in here that is titled remember the dead and has a list of women, how old they were and what killed them. It was probably the most heartbreaking thing I’ve read in a long time. Some of these were hard to read I’m not going to lie.

Broken into two sections––“breaking” and “becoming” ––this book is dedicated to the journey of surrendering to self. Much like her two previously published books, meaningful illustrations, each with their own message, and Michelle’s undeniable wisdom appear on every page. The Words Left Unspoken teaches us to respect our struggles as we do our successes, and to let our experiences––whether good or bad––sculpt our souls.

First off the pictures in this are lovely. They would even make great tattoos. Through out this is full of inspirational poems. About embracing your flaws and loving yourself. I loved a lot of these. And some really spoke to my soul. However like most poetry books there were a few I just didn’t care for. Still this has some of the best lines and I really think a lot of people will like it.

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