NanoWrimo 22 week 1

This November is just too busy for me. So I didn’t participate in the actual nano. However I wanted to use this writing month to motivate me into finishing the first four chapters of my second Draft.

Going to do this as a weekly thing to keep me motivated towards my goal. So let’s see how this goes.

Is this WIP a new concept, rewrite or dusty old friend? This is a rewrite I guess you could say. As it’s the second Draft to my book I started working on this year. And boy does it need work.

How do you plan to stay on your goal? I’m going to try and keep it fun. Not take it too seriously and allow some procrastination. Which could be the worst decision or the best.

What sort of birthday desert would your antagonists like? He doesn’t like sweet food. Which I’m just finding out now. Give him cheese 🧀 and he’s in love hand him a cake and he’ll just throw it. So a cheese platter.

How did you prep for nano? I actually have each chapter planned out on two sheets of paper which is a miracle to me. I’m usually a plantser who just goes for it.

What is the age range of your characters? They are around 21/25 but being Fae’s they are classed as teens. As they live longer.

Where does it take place? In the fairy realm. So it’s all made up but uses some fairy lore and what not. And most of the story takes place in a forest called the dark forest. And the town’s called Raven Creek.

The first week always lights this flame that makes me get shit done. I start every new Draft with a blank document and copy over what I liked and fix it along the way. I have now got the first two chapters up. They still need more work but they are very different to what I started with and work better than the original. The plan is to get the third and fourth chapters up then spend some days refining the whole lot over and over till it’s where I want it before giving it to my beta reader to have a look and let me know what might need changing and what not. Hopefully at this rate I can focus on a few more chapters as the month goes along then I had planned in the first place.

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