October wrap up

October is over what the hell has happened to this year. Christmas is coming way too fast. 🤦‍♀️

October was a weird month for me. It wasn’t looking good reading wise. The. For some odd reason I devoured a few books near the end.

Physical Books: 1

Ebooks: 3

Audiobooks: 1

Arcs: 1

Overall: 5

Book of the month:

This series is just bringing back my love for Lee’s books. The haunted series killed my love. And I gave up on the series after asylum. But this series is absolutely killing it. It’s dark, he’s spooky, it’s intriguing, I can’t put it down. And I actually love the characters minus Theodore (he can go die still). I read this at the start of the month. And to be honest it was a close call with a few others this month for the top spot. I just feel like this was the book. I also started shipping two characters that I know weren’t ever getting together but they just had so much chemistry that it made reading this even more fun.

This was a 5/5 star read.

This would have taken top spot the only reason it didn’t was because it took me longer to get through. It’s not a big book hell Darkfall is bigger. But I didn’t have a strong desire to keep picking it up. However, when I did I loved every second. The characters were different. The world was unique and I loved the whole story of finding a way to kill an abusive prince. And I adored the writing style in this so much. I also did a whole review here NettlenandBone review

This was also a 5/5 star read

I was given an Arc of this beautiful book by the Author. I even wrote a review for it Dante’s end review . Still I loved this book and spent a whole weekend picking it up. The story was awesome and the monsters she chose were so different. And Havok. My misunderstood monster. The ending was insane though it left me with mixed emotions.

This was also a 5/5 star read

Man this series put me through so much unnecessary stress. I’ve never been this nervous to pick up a book in my life. Being the last book in the dreamer series and the last book connected to the raven cycle I was concerned about what Maggie would do. I liked this book way more than the second one. And I feel like knowing the ending now I should and could go back and actually really read the three books better. I was way too invested in Ronan and Adam I’m not going to lie. And Ronan Lynch is still way up the list as one of my favourite characters of all time.

This book was a 4/5 star read

Not only did I read/listen to this book for Dewey but I watched the movie. And neither worked for me. It’s a classic I’ve wanted to check out for years now and I’m glad I did. Even if I didn’t enjoy it all that much.

This was a 2/5 star read.

Writing my book: went nowhere minus pinning more things to my Pinterest board and adding songs to the play list. But I’ll take them as a win.

This month I watched a few new to me horrors in the spirit of Halloween. And went out into nature more. Here’s hoping November will be even better. More books read, more outdoors and writing to be done.

What was your book of the month? Did you watching any good horror movies?

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