Dante’s end book review

A dark fantasy 😈, slow burn enemies to lovers with a list of trigger warnings. This book has some gory scenes.

Most called him the Jailor. Some called him a monster. If he had a name, nobody had survived meeting him long enough to tell it. They said he sat atop a mound of skulls and marked each death on his throne, like notches on a bedpost. Some tales told of how he had wings as dark as night, and of how he wore a crown of razor wire woven around four horns.

Dante had heard all the stories before.

The only tale he cared for was the one that said the jailor could bleed. If the jailor could bleed, then he could die, and Dante was going to be the one to finally kill him.

This is the story of how all those tales were wrong. And so was Dante.

Dante’s end starts by ripping your heart out and handing it back to you. What was once a cute little story turns quickly and in turn creates the “monster” known as the jailor.

Havok trusted Dante. The butterflies trusted him. There was nothing to fear. All would be well.’

Havok. My misunderstood monster. He could do absolutely no wrong in my eyes throughout this book. At the start he was this sweet shy boy who stayed by a pond to play with his new friend Dante. But one night it all changed when Dante took Calen to the pond to show him ‘his secret’. He lost his eye that day and had his heartbroken.

his butterfly boy’

Dante. Dante. Dante. There were times in this book I wanted to backhand him. But he also is hiding a lot of hurt. The fact he spent years in a relationship with someone out of hate. Tells you a lot about him as a person.

Their passion for each other was hot as hell. And the anger between them made it even better. This was a fantastic story that I couldn’t put down.

The overall story is very interesting, the monsters are unique and I really enjoyed watching these two navigate through the world. Watching Havok fighting two sides of himself along the way.

5/5 stars

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