Nettle and Bone review

Nettle and Bone by T. kingfisher book review.

How did you get a demon in your chicken?’         ‘The usual way. Couldn’t put it in the rooster. That’s how you get basilisks.

Nettle and Bone is a book about a girl named Marra. Who has watched her sister suffer at the hands of an abusive prince. After realising no one would be coming to save them she seeks out a gravewitch who offers her the tools to kill a prince. On her guest she is joined by a gravewitch, a fairy godmother, a former knight and a possessed chicken.


The writing style in this is almost poetic.

When you first meet Marra she seems a little insane building a bone dog. And the world she is in seems dark and depressing. With people who have been cursed for eating the “wrong meat” as they ran out of food. Some of those people stopped some didn’t and now have a taste for it.

You get flashbacks on how she got to where she is. You hear about her two older sisters as you follow her on this journey.

Marra is pretty sarcastic which I love. And her willingness to go as far as she does to save a sister who she thinks hates her is inspiring in a way.

The grave witch (dust-wife)is a grumpy old lady who sets Marra on a three things quest that’s meant to be impossible. Unfortunately for her Marra manages it and now she has to go and help her kill an abusive prince.

The fairy god mother to me is the weakest character out of them all. But I’m also pretty sure that’s what she’s meant to be.

Fenris Is the knight willing to give his life for the cause. He is also important to the story because he shows Marra not all men are evil. He is so likeable. And really plays off Marra well.

This story is even better than I thought it would be. I’ll be completely honest and say the blurb doesn’t do it justice. Because reading that it sounded pretty meh. I just enjoy some of  T. kingfisher’s books and the cover sealed the deal. And I am so glad I did. Parts of this world are cursed with cannibals. While there are kingdoms and people going on about their day. The magic system is unique too. I can’t even express how good this is.

Rating: 5/5 stars

It’s a fool’s errand and we’ll probably all die,” said the dust-wife.

“Oh, well then,” said Fenris. “I always enjoy those.

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