Horror movie marathon

It’s been awhile since I have sat back and enjoyed a few horror movies back to back. I used to do it every Friday 13th with a theme. But covid happened. Life happened. However being it’s October and Halloween season I thought why not.

I’ve been wrestling with theme ideas, black and white, slashers, favourites. And have decided to go with new to me.

Movie #1

Where did I watch it: prime


Perfect for horror movie fans. It’s a fun movie that covers a few different genres in a festival style. And I really enjoyed it minus the clowns fuck clowns. As someone who enjoys horrors it was nice to see a movie taking homage to some of my favourites. It wasn’t scary but it didn’t need to be.

Where did I watch it: prime


I first picked up this book a few years back because I adored the cover. It was a pretty funny read. I didn’t know it was being turned into a movie till I stumbled on it. Which seems to be the theme with me and this title. It was as good as the book as I can remember just the right amount of humour and 80s style paranormal horror that is corny.

Where did I watch it: Netflix


This series is done really well. But there are some down sides. Like some of the stories they tell weren’t that entertaining. And the fact they are all dying can be depressing. However, it has a good amount of history to want answers and the characters are likeable. Some of the scare scenes are good some are just jump scares. The house and forest grounds are beautiful though. Be fun to explore.

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