August Wrap 😬

This month has been a weird one. It started off great. I was on holiday writing away and feeling great about where everything was going. I read a couple books then I hit a major slump. I couldn’t bring myself to pick up any new books or write anything. There were days where I got some more writing. I even looked up scene prompts to see if anything would work and I got some good ideas. And I learnt some cool things from my reread of Ravensong and Brothersong by TJ Klune. So here’s how this month went.

Physical book: 2

Ebooks: 3

Arc’s: 2

Overall: 5

I didn’t do a jar read this month. And I had planned on doing a book for each season and that went to shit too. But these are the books I didn’t give up this month.

This was the weirdest book I read this month. This starts off with a hate crime in the woods and it deserves a major trigger warning. This story follows Vincent after he witnesses his boyfriend James being beaten to death by a group of men. He was also beaten up badly but survived. Vincent can’t believe James is dead and wants to find the guys that did it. James is back from the dead but different. This is a weird book. And at first it was really good. Then it gets slow. Which isn’t bad but it made it feel like it was dragging. It mixes mythology with the real world really well too. I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

3/5 stars

This author inspired H. P. Lovecraft and well as many others. And that’s what made me pick this up. a lot of the reviews on this book pick on what was ‘scary’ in this book not taking in the time period this stuff was written. For me I enjoyed the writing style. I could see where H. P. Got his style from. It gives it a real classic feel that I love. I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

3/5 stars

I reread my two favourite books from the Green Creek series. And it really helped with my slump and my writing. I picked up some inspiration. I love these two books so much as they follow my two favourite characters the Livingstone brothers Gordo and Gavin. I could just pick these two back up and read them again and again and not get sick of them.

This book slipped through and I finished it on the last day of August. And it was fantastic. It’s so action packed. It had a pretty bad child death but other than that it was so good. The monsters they face, to the characters you meet. Jack is badass, he’s dealing with the death of his son. He joins a group called the Deathborn not caring if he dies or not. The Deathborn are the grunts of this weird organisation with many different layers. Their job is to go and kill the monsters. Most don’t make it but someone’s got to do it. This is a new series by Lee and where the haunted series bored me to tears this one made me fall in love with his books again. And this is the book of the month for sure.


Here’s to September!

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