Tragic beautiful fairy tales mystery box review

Spoilers a head

I received the fairy tale mystery box today. It didn’t take long to come in. And in this box is stuff tragic beautiful do not sell in their shop. It’s always new things. And not just them emptying their inventory like some places.

For people who don’t know tragic beautiful is a site that sells alternative clothing and accessories and witch things. The link is below if you would like to check it out .

Tragic beautiful

Inside not only do you get a lot of things. But most of them are usable. I loved everything in this bare one thing and that’s only because I don’t use fake nails. Otherwise tragic beautiful always makes the best mystery boxes. And I’d highly recommend them to anyone that is into this stuff.

You get lip balms, scrubs, candles, pot hangers, jewellery, art, and so much more.

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