June wrap up

Below is all the books I read for the month of June.

Physical books: 3

Ebooks: 2

Audiobooks: 0

Arc’s: 1

Overall: 5

Jar read of the month:

Yeah let’s not even talk about that shit show. I ended up DNFing the book that was picked and I never started the next choice. But new month new mood right?

The literally dead club book:

This book was so interesting. I just needed to know what was happening! And how it would end. I can’t wait for this to turn into a movie. Because honestly it needs to be one. My only dislike was the writing style. I didn’t enjoy it. I kept reading because I needed to know what was going on and liking the Protagonist Ava. Ava’s backstory is so tragic and could be a novella. The same with LeGrand. This story had a nice and simple plot which I do enjoy in a good horror movie. Which this just felt like.

14 people go to a theme park as contestants in an up and coming show. The rules are you must hide and not be found. You get 30 minutes each day to find a spot and then you have till sunset when the spotlight comes on. Then you go back to camp eat, shower and sleep. But this isn’t any normal show. And this isn’t just a run down theme park. This theme park has a terrible history.

🤍🤍🤍 .5/5

I have had a bad run with NetGalley arcs this month. But one gem made it through.

This is a beauty and the beast retelling. And it was so good 😍. I highly recommend this book if you love B&B and M/M romance. Nothing was forced. It flowed nicely and felt like the original for the most part with nice twist and turns along the way. I’m definitely going to check out more of Sarah Bryant’s books.

4/5 stars

I finished the last All for the Game book and then went on a fanfic hole I couldn’t and didn’t want to get out of. Looking back now probably caused a lot of my reading slump….do I regret it? Not at all. I also started rereading the Captive prince series and I finished the first book last night.

I don’t care what anyone says I still love that series. And if it wasn’t for that series I wouldn’t have found others like Kj Charles or Ariana Nash.

The last book Is the book of the month

And because I won’t let rereads win this title the only other book that could stand tall was another Ariana Nash book. (Apparently 2022 is the year of Nash)

Solo is the novella from the Primal sin series and the book the whole fanbase has been begging for. And my boy Solo didn’t disappoint. You get to see more than the innocent angel. You get to see the protective and smart side. The side that falls madly in love with a demon called Luxen. Which you get some chapters in his view to. And I loved every minute. Seeing how different they are but how much they work. Seeing why Lux is the way he is. And how misunderstood he really is. And my favourite of all is hearing Solo talk about sex as the sex. If nothing screams his personality more it’s that phrasing.

5/5 stars

What good books did you read? Did you get involved in any readathon’s? What are your plans for July?

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