A wintery weekend spent writing and reading.

It is meant to be a wet weekend so I thought what better way to spend it then to spend Friday night till Sunday reading and doing hour writing sprints throughout.

The books read:

I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while. And it’s one that I keep adding to readathon’s but never getting to it. So seeing as my TBR jar is officially making me. I thought what better way to force myself to stop avoiding it then to pledge the weekend to it.

I started this book on Friday at work on my lunch break. And that night after getting 20% in to the book I just gave up. I was skimming the pages and just trying to find something to latch on to. Apparently my fears for this book were correct we didn’t click.

The side story to the Primal sin series. This book is set after the first three and you have to read the first three or there will be spoilers. Solo is that adorable character that you would protect with your life. He didn’t have many lines in the other books but you just latched on to his innocent ways. And watched him be corrupted for the better. And he rescues stray cats what’s not to love about that.

This was everything you wanted and some. The powerful love story. The misunderstood characters because both were. Luxen was seen as evil no matter what he did they all saw it as calculated. When really he was just a scared demon who had to claw his way up the ranks. He was too small and weak to fight people so he had to out-smart them. Solo was seen as the fragile easily lead angel. But he was strong willed and always stood up for his beliefs. They both worked so well as a couple. The passion was believable. For a novella it felt like everything was well paced. Sure we would all like more. But it was an awesome read.

How each hour went:

The plan is to spend that writing hour sprints either researching or actually writing. I’m currently working on a YA dark fantasy. Full of Fae’s, cursed and a tragic love story.

9-10: I wrote 507 words to start my Saturday and finally have a decent start to the book. It has taken me months to get that MF to fit. But after rereading the foxhole court (of all things) I found a better way to start the book. (Apparently rereading that showed me how to structure the beginning better now it flows nicer)

11:30-12:30: started typing up my ending that I’ve had hand written for months only to realise I made a mistake and now I have to change the whole thing because the wrong character is in the place of where another should be. It was insane when I had the realisation.

5-6pm: I spent my last hour of the day obsessing over how I wanted this to end and in the end I’ve decided the best course of action is to write both endings and see what works. I could have written other scenes but no. I had to sit here and go over this ending a million times changing my mind every second. Because this ending will change some events in the book.

10-11am: Sunday. I am focusing on researching some myths and legends that I can add to the book. That fits this world nicely. I want to get them right. I’m trying to come up with a good scene that uses the Leshii lore. Because the original idea was crap. But that’s the fun of a first Draft you throw things at the paper and hope it fits.

The rest of the day I was out with a migraine. But I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve achieved and will do this again.

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I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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