A blind date with a book or two

Etsy has some awesome looking blind dates with a book. So I thought I’d try them out and see what I get.

The first book is from a Perth based shop which is where I am from.

The shop is called Sam and Cait . $20 each and $15 for tween fiction.

The book comes with a scrunchie and what looks like a bookmark used out of a page of a book. They do quite a few different genres that you can pick from and if you like you can get them wrapped in Christmas or birthday wrapping paper which is pretty cool. I went with brown paper and chose a young adult.

I loved the scrunchie, however I didn’t care for the bookmark. The wrapping was done so nicely though. The book is something I wouldn’t have picked up ever and I do kind of regret going with YA on this one. Still I’ll give it a go.

Shipping wise this came very well protected and showed up at the same time as the one below. Neither takes too long to come in.

Book number 2. This is from Victoria.

The shop is called The Enchanted Bookstore . 45.95 each which is a bit much but clearly I still have it a go.

This one comes with a choice of drinks whether you want coffee, tea or Hot chocolate. Which I love because not everyone drinks coffee or tea. I went with hot chocolate even though I’m a massive tea drinker. This one also has many genres to pick from. It also comes with a hand written note saying thank you for the support which is always nice to see.

The bookmark is gorgeous. I’m not sure how the bit chocolate is. But it sounds really nice and the reviews look good. Now I hate mass paperbacks. This book sounds alright. It does sound more thriller than horror but each to their own.

Shipping wise this came well protected and fast. I honestly didn’t see this coming for another week at least.

Over all this was alright. I’m never really impressed by the books I get in blind dates. I think it’s because I get so hyped. Still I’ll probably give some other companies on Etsy a go and see if what happens. You never know one day I could find my new favourite book in one of these.

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I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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