CampNano plans/ A nice bush walk

Now is the start of CampNano for the month of April. And I decided to use this time to get a start on my new books first Draft.

The goal this month is to write 10K words. I didn’t want to over push myself. I wanna have fun writing this first Draft.

I even made a bullet journal spread for it

And going to mix a lot of self-care and yummy snacks to encourage work. And to have fun as that’s my main goal. After losing the love of writing last year by taking it to seriously. It’s time to go back to the way things started and enjoy the whole process. No stress just peace.

So what better way to start then a nice bush walk.

Its always nice to just get out and catch your breath. Feel the cold water on your feet and the fresh air in your lungs.

Published by ascrazyasahare

I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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