March wrap up 📚

It’s been a minute since I posted anything. I ended up being a close contact and had to isolate for 7 days and I kinda just didn’t feel like doing anything. But new month and plenty to do. Like campnano and Dewey readathon so it should be a more productive month.

That’s a wrap

Physical books: 3


NetGalley books: 3

Overall count: 9

Below are the stand outs of the month. And what a month it was. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me as I wasn’t really loving anything I picked up. Here’s hoping April is a better month.

First things first my Jar read:

I brought back my TBR jar. And each month I have to pick out a book and read it. And if I DNF it I have to pick another out of the jar. I did this back in 2017 and it work when I did it like this. But as soon as I got lazy and only used it when I couldn’t pick something to read I lost interest.

I picked this up last year after finally finishing stalking Jack the ripper. And I was enjoying it. I just got … distracted…by other books and it just sat there waiting. So I thought it was pretty funny that the book I picked out of the jar was the one book I really need to get back to and finish.

Apparently it was the push I needed. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the vampire mytho mixing in with the medical world. Like you knew it wouldn’t be Dracula doing this to the victims. Plus I nearly dropped the book when you find out Thomas is a related to Dracula. I loved that! I also didn’t see the killer coming which surprises me because I’m usually good at guessing. But Kerri did throw a curve ball into cover her tracks which I applaud.


My buzzword book– A book with a location in the title

Two sisters go missing on a remote Scottish island. Twenty years later, one is found–but she’s still the same age as when she disappeared.

This book is a two timeline story. You have when they were children with their mother Liv. An artist that has taken on a job at the lighthouse to paint a rune on the walls. And the other timeline is set in now days, when Luna (the only member of that family to be still around) gets a call that her little sister who’s been missing for twenty years is back. The only problem is Clover is still 7 years old.

This was a weird story that I couldn’t stop reading. The way Cooke uses the mytho of the wildings (creatures who can mimic real people) and the witch trials was awesome. And very well done.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ and a half /5

“like a tree
I’m losing my leaves”

A History of Touch is a poetry collection about women in folklore and history who were ill, disabled, or otherwise labelled ‘hysteric.’ The work bears witness to the lives of women with varying experiences, such as a woman whose epilepsy was mistaken for demonic possession, Sarah Winchester’s grief, Mary Roff and her love of leeches, and the “witch” Biddy Early.

This is a dark (Disturbing) book of poems and I really enjoyed it. It really isn’t for the faint of heart like the ones tilted where the house stood and the Moorhouse for example.
I quite enjoy this book.
These poems are written very well. You can really picture what’s being said even if you don’t won’t to.


“don’t be a gatekeeper of your dreams”

A collection of poems about the legend of Melusina. A European folktale I have never heard of. And I didn’t feel like I needed to know about it before hand.

It is a quick read. And as much as I would have liked more. I loved and enjoyed every poem in this book.


The third installment in the shadows of London.

In this one you get Kempthorne’s Pov which was awesome to get insight into his head. As Kemp works out how to get Dom out of the asylum. Only for Dom to do so himself. In this book their relationship finally grows into something more and we are promised more in book 4.


Bring on April

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