February Wrap

February Wrap up

Down below are the best books I read in Feb.

I read 9 books this month. I had a lot of 3/2 star reads. And I personally think it was a poor book run. I didn’t love many books this month and nearly fell into a reading slump near the end. Still there are stand outs.

I honestly didn’t think I’d really like this series. However, being its an Ariana Nash book I thought why not just give it a go. I’m so happy I did. This was an epic love story between a demon Lord and a Guardian Angel. There’s drama, action, sadness, love and friendships.

This series follows Severn and Mikhail.

Demon’s and Angels have been at war for years. Neither side winning. Severn goes undercover for a decade to kill Mikhail only to fall in love with him and they do everything to being angels and demons together.

This is a dark fantasy (like most of her books). It also has one of the most adorable side characters in a book with Solomon. These books grab you straight away. The Characters bring out the emotions they aren’t meant to whether you hate them or love them. Its a hard book to put down and try and function with normal life.


This was a weird book. A weird horror story.

15 years ago two kids go into the woods to play. And only one comes out. Astrid still fears that day. 15 years later another child has gone missing and Astrid goes back to the place it all happened.

It was done in a classic horror story way. Simple and not over done. The twist and turns are perfect. And it really is spooky. I don’t enjoy many horror books but this one was awesome. You could compare it to a Stephen King story. I don’t really like he’s stuff but I can see where you could compare the two. So if your a king fan please do yourself a favour and pick this one up.


I have mixed feelings about this book.

The blurb talks alot about Jack and a fight between two magician but this story is really about sweet Wilhelm. I personally felt it was more about him, about him getting free from Laszlo a criminal mastermind who took Wilhelm when he was a child after he saw what he could do and chains the poor kid to his bed every night. It was about Wilhelm finding the courage to go with his heart and trust Jack to help save him.

I fell in love with Wilhelm immediately and I just wanted to keep reading to find out if he gets out. I could careless for everybody else. Which was probably a bad thing. I still enjoyed the book though. Its been awhile since I picked up a Shaun David Hutchinson book after going on a binge two years ago. It was like coming home.


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