7 Day NetGalley Readathon Wrap up

Day 1

I went for a lovely beach walk before sitting down and diving into the first book.

I unfortunately had to make the decision after months of trying to get into this book to just quit. The start was just to slow and I can’t sit through it. It just wasn’t what I thought it be.

So I went home and had tea leaf and started a new book.

This had a cool idea, writing it all in poems. However as much as it was an alright read. The poems really didn’t flow with each other. Also there were no stand outs. I enjoy poetry books and I love mythology. So I really was hoping this would be a favourite. But alas it would not be. This could have been beautiful. Again it was an alright read over all.


Day 2/3

I just got approved for another book that I have to apparently read in three days so here is the next book for the day.

I feel for all the hype I had seen around this. It’s also the only reason I kept reading. Maybe it will get better. It did not. For me this book was way to slow. It felt like it was that same slow paced story through out. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just not for me. I struggled to read this. I wanted to give up on it too. But I hated the thought that I’d miss out on why people loved it and I didn’t want this blog to be full of DNFs. So I pushed through. The characters where alright. The story itself had some interesting points. But overall it just wasn’t my sort of book and that’s ok.


Day 4/5/6

I started then gave up on this next read. But it wasn’t the books fault. I just don’t mesh with this genre. So if you are a Collin Hoover fan I’d say you’ll love this one.

With this readathon taking a massive nose dive with the books I had to read. I am starting to wonder if I don’t even know my own taste anymore when picking books on NetGalley to get a copy of. So far none have wowed me. None have been any favourites. With three more books to go it’s not looking good. Still on to the next one.

This was another late one to the pile. I had been seeing it popping up everywhere so I thought why not.

I really wasn’t expecting how dystopian this story would be. And as much as it was quite an original story. It just was that type of dystopian that I struggle to read. At first the book was very interesting. Finding out about who Benji was running from and what he was. To meeting the other characters that would be his allies. The characters where good. The whole story idea was very interesting and it’s definitely going to draw people in. Just isn’t a genre I work well with. It’s still nice to read a trans rep book though. And one done well.


I still have two books to get through. But this was a decent effort for me either way. I haven’t got any stand outs. And that’s ok. Still had some interesting reads.

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